This WWWeek in Books: Mid-October Check-In.

WWWeekinBooks As usual, WWW Wednesdays and This Week in Books are very similarly themed memes on Wednesdays, so this post serves as a three-fer. One for each of them, and also as a mid October reading check in. I don’t have a lot of time today, so it’s going to be brief and without a lot of links to Goodreads, sorry!

What Are You Currently Reading?

tales-from-arabian-nights children-of-eden this-house-is-haunted blackwater-val

bleed-blister mute-and-the-girl auggie-and-me

A lot of these are progressing slower than usual, but that’s because I’m reading them with a certain ginger, so we have to go at her speed. Tales from the Arabian Nights is beautifully illustrated, and interesting to read. I’ve never read the adult version, so we’re discovering the stories together. Children of Eden was a publisher request. It’s fairly interesting , but hasn’t hooked me yet. This House is Haunted was SUPPOSED to be for September book club, but I just got it a couple days ago. Blackwater Val is one I requested from a publisher. It’s a bit slow going, but I’m expecting it’ll get good soon. Bleed, Blister, Puke, and Purge is a kid’s educational book I requested. Its interesting, definitely not for younger kids, and quite enjoyable. The Mute and the Girl of Many Parts is…rough going. I’m struggling, and may end up DNFing it. Auggie & Me: Three Wonder Stories is good. The first story (which we’re almost done with) is an examination of Julian’s character (the antagonist in the first book.) Lots of discussions with Miss L about bullying, how it’s not okay, and what the proper response to things should be.

What Did You Finish Recently?

doorways ghoul-scouts-2 cocktails-at-7deadlight-jack-1 laura-monster-crusher chillz-hillz - The Bad Babysitter sleep-state-interrupt


A Trail Through Time by Jodi Taylor, and Cocktails at Seven, Apocalypse at Eight are definitely my favorites from this lot. Laura Monster Crusher was an entertaining middle-grader read.

What’s Up Next?

This is not a complete list. Just the next week or so. But I’m very easily distracted right now.



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3 Responses to This WWWeek in Books: Mid-October Check-In.

  1. I hope The Mute and the Girl of Many Parts improves. That cover makes me smile for some reason.

  2. Donna says:

    I can’t explain why but I was drawn to This House is Haunted so I went to check it and five minutes later it was on my TBR, despite the horror category on Goodreads. I think the Spooktober spirit got me!

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