WWW: The Mid-September Check In


Hey, look, it’s the middle of September already. …….. How in the world is it the middle of September already? Crap! I’ve got to get my October stuff organized! Time is going wayyyy too fast. Anyways, I hope y’all have been reading like nuts. I’ve been reading at a pretty decent clip so far this month. Unfortunately, I’ve been reading everything but what I should be reading, which means I’m making little progress on my TBR. (How many of my fellow bookworms just nodded in sympathy, knowing exactly what I meant?) As usual, WWW Wednesdays and This Week in Books are very similarly themed memes on Wednesdays, so this post serves as a three-fer. One for each of them, and also as a mid September reading check in. This is everything I’m reading/read for September only.

What are you currently reading?

The Kraken

The Collected Stories of Arthur C. Clarkedaughter-of-smoke-and-boneThe Nature of BalanceLeviathan WakesThe 13th Contiuum





To be completely honest, I’m very close to DNFing several of these. The Nature of Balance isn’t bad, but it’s a tad weird and unfortunately its weirdness just isn’t appealing to me. Leviathan Wakes – well, I’m halfway through that and have zero desire to keep listening. The 13th Continuum has nothing in it that makes it stand out. Its ‘yet another dysto-fic’. So my ‘Currently Reading’ September Reading is, er..not going great, you could say.

What Did You Finish Recently?

Chills2veterans-affairsseed-mejust-oneapprentice-in-deathAncestorthe-origin-of-forceThe Seventh SenseNinth City BurningHeavy WeatherThe Automation









Just One Damned Thing… was probably my favorite read of the September ones so far. I listened to it as an audio book, and the narrator is pretty perfect for it. I haven’t written my review yet, because I’m waiting for my best friend to finish listening to the book so we can discuss it. Anyways, its followed closely by Chills. That book had this Lovecraftian horror thing going on that was excellent. Its not a perfect book, but it’s a bloody fun read! Through the Woods really surprised me because I’ve never encountered a graphic novel I really LIKED before, and I liked it. My least favorite was probably Ninth City Burning. That book was pretty much pure torture to read.

What’s Up Next?

sleep-state-interrupt sunfallemerging forbidden-birth writers-retweet atavus-falls free-radicals


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