Hush Movie Trailer: Would you watch this movie?

I found this when I was browsing youtube for interesting movie trailers. Part of me thinks it could be interesting, but…

I don’t know. Blumhouse is known for its low-budget stuff and this Hush movie trailer looks like it’s going to be yet another one. Honestly I’m getting a bit tired of it. Also, there was a comment below it that cracked me up because it was so apt. It was something like “Tl;dw – She’s getting stalked, she lives alone in the woods with no guns.” I think the only thing I’m truly curious about is if they’ll actually stick to the “she can’t hear” thing, or if there will be instances where she responds to sounds that she can’t possibly hear.

I’ve certainly enjoyed the last few years because there’s been some decent horror movies that came out, but I wish there was a teensy bit of quality control for the low budget crap. Low budget can definitely be well done, but it requires a combination of factors that most of the low-budget flicks are definitely lacking any more. Y’know, things like acting talent and worthwhile script.

What about you? Based on this trailer, would you watch the movie??

Additionally, has there ever been a movie you’ve seen where the trailer sucked, but the movie was awesome?

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3 Responses to Hush Movie Trailer: Would you watch this movie?

  1. I actually think I would, surprisingly. But I wouldn’t see it with any type of expectations. I’d just go see it with my boyfriend for a chill date night.

  2. That could be interesting.

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