World War Moo Review (Horror Comedy)

World War MooWorld War Moo: It began with a cow that just wouldn’t die. Yep. That’s right. They’re still infected, and now the disease has spread to humans. The epidemic that transformed Britain’s bovine population into a blood-thirsty, brain-grazing, zombie horde…err… herd… is threatening to take over the globe.

And there’s not much time left to stop it. All of Great Britain is infected and brimming with rage. The rest of the world has a tough choice to make. Should they nuke the Brits right off the map — men, women, children, cows and all — in the biggest genocide in history? Or should they risk global infection in a race against time to find a cure?

With fanatical infected trying to escape the cursed island, and the Brits ready to defend themselves with every weapon at their disposal, including an intercontinental missile sloshing with infected blood, it may only be a matter of time before the virus gets out.

This means war. – Goodreads


World War Moo Review

Well, the bad news is, World War Moo wasn’t quite as udderly funny as its predecessor and it ended on a cliffhanger. (Why, oh why did someone let him end the book on a freaking cliffhanger? Ending on a cliffhanger is just offal!)4 Star Rated World War Moo Review

The good news is, there was still a few great quotes and in a lot of ways it was just as good as its predecessor.

My favorite quotes:

“Extreme cases aside, the virus seemed to have translated into more arguments, a lot more sex, and an inability to queue. They’d become Italian.”

“I’m not an expert!” Lesley shouted. “I”m a useless, jammy fuckwit who spouts her gob off on TV about things she doesn’t really understand.”  – “And that,” the spin doctor said, “is the very definition of an expert.”

“What’s a cow laugh sound like, then?” Tom said.  – “I wasn’t there, so I can’t rightfully say. A bit evil, I imagine, like moo-ha-ha!”

… I cackled so loud at that last one that I scared all three of my cats.

World War Moo takes on a little bit more of a serious tone, focusing on some of the survivors (mainly Lesley and Geldoff, as well as one I won’t speak of that was an unexpected surprise), as well as introducing a handful of new characters that play very important roles.  It takes a look at how Britain has adapted now that most everyone there is infected with the virus. Things continue to escalate quickly, and before everyone knows it, the steaks are unbelievably high. Its interesting to watch Geldof as he is forced to grow up quickly yet again, at a time when he really should be concentrating on non-important things, and I think its safe to say (without Spoiling) that Lesley actually comes into her own a bit.

Anymoo, while puns don’t exactly abound in this latest book in the Apocalypse Cow series, you do have glorious happenings to look forward to like a cowmakaze, so it’s definitely worth a read! (Yes, I milked this for every last pun I could think of.)

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Title: World War Moo | Series: Apocalypse Cow #2 | Author: Michael Logan | Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin | Pub. Date: 2015-6-9 | Pages: 309 | ISBN13: 978-1250061652 | Genre(s): Horror & Comedy | Language: English | Triggers: None | Rating: 4 out of 5 | Date Read: 2016-1-27 | Source: Library | Available on Kindle Unlimited? No

If this suits your fancy, but you need to know more about the original – Apocalypse Cow – click here.



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