What’s Changed

Okay, things should be looking better. Not everything is completely done, but the big thing is.

What’s the main change?

Each genre is no longer broken down by traditionally and independently published author. Now you simply search by genre, so you could see a book someone like Corey J Popp (a great indie author!) right beside a book by one of the big mass-market names like Stephen King.

Why? Because I don’t think I was doing indie authors any favors by singling them out like that. I am still working on adding the tag in, so you WILL be able to see if someone is an indie author, but now you just rely on cover, synopsis, and review to hook you before finding out if they’re well-known or not.

Also, in general, I’m working on optimizing tags. I use way too many in general, so I’m changing that.

Anyone got any tagging tips? Ie: IS it best to put the title of the book or authors name in the tags section?




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