TTT: You Make Me Wanna…


This Top Ten Tuesday topic is: Things Books Have Made Me Want To Do or Learn About After Reading Them. Top Ten Tuesday is brought to you by Broke and Bookish.

  • Learn to be flexible. Flexibility is an important thing.
  • Learn the art of creeping people out with just a few sentences and a look.We're Gonna Get YOu
  •  Learn to be utterly confident, even when I don’t know what in the world is going on, and I’m about to go probably die trying to kick a monster’s butt.giphy (2)4. Figure out how to do the whole magical transportation thing. There’s a few books I would love to get inside.Transport to magical worlds5. Paint. Seriously, think about all the books you’ve read where something weird has happened to a painter. Art seems to channel supernatural crap.giphy (4)6. Screw with people’s dreams. It seems like in every third horror book, someone’s dreams get intruded upon in a creepy way. I’ve got a few people I’d love to screw with.7.  On a serious note: Prep. I read a lot of TEOTWAWKI books, and prepping is just something makes sense on an every day basis. It’s more stupid to NOT be prepared, even for a short term thing like your power going out for 3 days, than it is to scoff at people who do prep.



Yeah, I was in a bit of a goofy mood. Not sorry.

Leave your links and tell me what you want(ed) to learn to do after reading about them!

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7 Responses to TTT: You Make Me Wanna…

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed your TTT for the day. I don’t know if I really didn’t want to put effort into this week’s topic, or I just thought it was too much work, but I sort of put a twist on mine as well. I read so many horror books/supernatural stuff and I just didn’t think it was safe to do a TTT where I focused on how to kill things (or people).

    • Yeah, asking “What it’s made you want to do or learn” for people who read horror is a dangerous area to stray in.

      I thought seriously about including “Running HeadShot” but I couldn’t find an appropriate gif for it.

  2. When we moved into our mountain community the neighbors came over and told us things that had happened in the last ten years. We immediately bought a generator and hooked up our deep freeze. Every September we buy gas and stock the freezer with a couple of weeks of frozen food. Just in case. End up eating the food every May and putting the gas into the lawn mower. Makes me happy. Safe that I had it, happy I didn’t need it. LOL

  3. Your TTT made me laugh, and not a in bad way. I looked at this week’s theme, scratched my head, and then instead of working at this hard topic, went off to wash my hair.

  4. imyril says:

    Ha! Love your take on this week’s topic 😀

  5. Ah flexibility! I agree with you there. That sounds like a very good talent to pick up and no doubt it will help you survive and prep for some catastrophic or unexpected event. You never know! :p

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