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Transit 17 #MovieReview

The year is 2026 – Europe has been devastated by a virus that has turned a huge portion of the population into zombies. But there are some who are holding on to some hope that they can live a normal life again – they are The Resistance.

Transit 17 movie cover

Tagline: Fighting to Save the Only Cure
Starring: Guy BleyaertZara PhythianLee Charles 
Runtime: 1 hr 25 minutes
Source: We received a copy from the publicist for review consideration.

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Transit 17 Movie Review

Transit 17 is part sci-fi and part zombie movie. There are parts of this film when this balance is near on perfect. It takes a journey through desperation and human survival to come out of the other side as an allegory at best, a scrapbook of an alternate future at worst. The use of light in the film gives it an apocalyptic edge. The action is well-paced and gives us time to breathe, before scaring us again. The effects are ambitious and self-assured, driving us through the journey.

We follow a band of soldiers who have the submission of rescuing a girl, the daughter of a prominent businessman. That scene when the soldiers find out is one of my favourites in the film. It really breeds intrigue and makes you wonder how this is going to go. When they lose contact with their technical support, they must face the uncertain world alone, rife with sniffers.

The characters are all physically and psychologically believable. The whole world is immersive and follows its own rules, only breaking them when it serves the purpose of raising the stakes. The plot and story are clearly in the hands of someone self-assured and passionate about the world they’ve created. From the visuals, the casting and the score, we are plunged into an environment that is like ours but different, which unsettles. I like the range of accents we hear; it makes the situation all the more severe in a way. All these people from different ends of the world have to band together to survive. The greens and blues give for a dreary environment that our heroes must wade through. It’s an added bonus that the main bad ass is a woman.

It’s an ambitious film that is sure of itself and it’s well worth a watch!

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