This Week In Books (WWW): December’s Going to be Crazy.

WWW is from Sam over at Taking on a World of Words, and this is also combination post as This Week in Books by Lipsyy is essentially the same thing.

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What I’m Currently Reading

Okay, so I’m scattered as all-beat this week, with way too many books ‘in-progress’. I admit this up front. I’m stressed, and graze-reading is my version of stress-eating.



Progress: 40% | Opinion So Far: Its definitely well-written, and I like the world she’s established that I’ve seen, but so far nothing has really ‘hooked’ me. I will say it is an easy read, though!




Progress: 17% | Opinion so Far:  If crude language offends you, do not read 27304320this book. Right from the get-go its so full of nasty language and ideas that it was difficult to adjust my state of mind to how this book was written. I like horror, yes, gore, yes, even psychopathic killers, but crude language in extreme is… not as appealing. However, the mom is interesting, and the kid with the brain injury is seemingly well-written thus far.




Progress: 72% | Opinion so Far: The story is excellent, as it tells the tale of a bunch of children with disabilities who have discovered they have super-hero (excuse me, “Custodian”) powers, and its their struggle to adapt to everything, and be accepted, even as one of them might possibly be an all-powerful reincarnation…but the author still sucks as a narrator. A talented narrator could make this story AMAZING.



26042090Progress: 19% | Opinion So Far: Its been way too long since I’ve read one of these type of stories. Now, I’ve actually read Beck before, but its been a while, so I’m getting re-introduced to his writing style, and loving it. Action, intrigue, and ass-kicking. What more could a girl ask for??

What I Finished Reading This Week:





What I’m Reading Next 

(Sorry, I’m lazy today. Not-clickable covers here.)

7 thoughts on “This Week In Books (WWW): December’s Going to be Crazy.

  1. Ohhh I read Ender’s Game last year. Looking forward to your review of that one as I was on the fence about it.

    Great post! I can’t believe the amount of books you get through in a week!

    1. For some reason your comment went to spam! I just now saw it. Yeah, you’d be amazed what insomnia, no social life, and little desire to watch TV can do for your book reading. Heh.

    1. Review for Six of Crows comes out this Friday 🙂

      It was okay. I don’t get the hype, though. Nothing I read was exceptional. It was predictable Mission Impossible in a fantasy setting.

  2. This has just reminded me of my shiny new copy of Six of Crows I am trying not to read until I have my feet up over Christmas (if that ever happens!). The Ables sounds very interesting – I hope you continue to enjoy it. I’ll look out for your review.
    I hope you like More Than This (I think you will… but we’ll see).
    Here’s my WWW:

    By the way, I love the idea of graze-reading as a low-calorie alternative to stress-eating! 😉

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