This Shattered Land Review (Surviving the Dead #2)

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Eric Riordan doesn’t look for trouble, but trouble has a way of finding him.

Two years have passed since the Outbreak. After joining forces with his friend Gabriel he has managed to stay alive by fleeing to the peaks of the Appalachian mountains. With supplies running low, and enemies gathering, the two survivors are forced to begin their journey west to Colorado.

Along the way they will find unexpected allies, reunite with old friends, and make deadly new enemies. As difficult as life has been, the most dangerous times lie ahead.

Nothing is ever easy at the end of the world. – Goodreads Synopsis



This Shattered Land Review

Where No Easy Hope gives us an Eric that leads an almost rosy outlook on life, all things considered, This Shattered Land shows a different side of him. It’s two years post outbreak now, a year since he’s been with Gabriel, and most of Eric’s hope is gone. He’s still a good guy, though, and his friendship with Gabriel is the type that every person hopes to develop with someone at some point. Some new characters join the duo, one of them being a younger boy named Brian. Gabriel and Eric instantly take him and his parents under their wings as much as possible.4 Star Rated Review of This Shattered Land

Cook gives us a refreshing view on children in the post apocalyptic world as he doesn’t have his characters treat them like babies OR try to harden them up beyond their time. Instead Gabe and Eric teach Brian what he needs to know to survive, using a heavy dose of common sense. This is one of the things, I think, that impresses me the most about Cook’s writing. It’s not needlessly dramatic. When it needs to be, it is, but the rest of the time his story is powerful enough that he doesn’t need added drama.

This book sees them from Gabriel’s mountain retreat, and through the first part of their journey towards Colorado. They even meet up with some of Eric’s old friends from the first book. Won’t say who it is, but will say it’s someone who you never expect find yourself liking in the beginning. Anyways, even though it’s over 300 pages, This Shattered Land is an easy read that flies by ridiculously quick. It’s a book that doesn’t suffer from the sophomore shudders, and well worth the read. You don’t necessarily need to have read the first book in the series, but reading it would be beneficial.

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Title: This Shattered Land | Series: Surviving the Dead | Author: James N. Cook (site) | Publisher: Amazon | Pub. Date: 2012-7-14 | Pages: 346 | ASIN: B008LI16RE | Genre(s): Horror & Post-apocalyptic | Language: English | Triggers: None | Rating: 4 out of 5 | Date Read: 2015-5-12 | Source: Kindle Unlimited

PS: You can get the first book and this book as audio books, and I strongly recommend doing so. The narrator did a great job. Right now, Audible is running a promotion to get two free books instead of just one. So try them out!

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