The Top Ten Worst Horror Movies of the Last Decade

A banner with the words The Top Ten Tuesday List on it.Okay, it’s a sad fact that it is far easier to make a list of bad horror movies than good ones. So we tried to make it a bit harder by choosing the absolute worst horror movie from each decade for the last ten years. Keep in mind, this list is only of movies that we’ve actually seen. So, while we’re certain there are some far worse movies out there, these are the stinkers that stood out to us. (And because we’re nice ladies, we also gave you a list of movies to watch instead from those years as well.)

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The Top Ten Worst Horror Movies of the Last Decade



The Bye Bye Man

Synopsis: Three friends stumble upon the horrific origins of a mysterious figure they discover is the root cause of the evil behind unspeakable acts.

The stupid. Just..the stupid. That’s all I can say. The only thing I can give them credit for is avoiding the one cliche move with the little girl at the end.

IMDB Rating: 4.3

Watch Instead: Get Out

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The Blair Witch

Synopsis: After discovering a video showing what he believes to be his vanished sister Heather, James and a group of friends head to the forest believed to be inhabited by the Blair Witch.

 I refused to watch this one on principle. And after reading Gracie’s review, I’m damned glad I did.

GracieKat: I loved the original and I was very sad that this was such a mess. It had a lot of potential to it.

IMDB Rating: 5.0

Watch instead: The Autopsy of Jane Doe.

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The Gallows

Synopsis: 20 years after a horrific accident during a small town school play, students at the school resurrect the failed show in a misguided attempt to honor the anniversary of the tragedy – but soon discover that some things are better left alone.

I still remember how annoying the characters were. Just thinking about this movie makes me hunch up my shoulders and shudder.

IMDB Rating: 4.2

Watch instead: A Christmas Horror Story

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As Above, So Below

Movie cover for As Above So Below

Synopsis: When a team of explorers ventures into the catacombs that lie beneath the streets of Paris, they uncover the dark secret that lies within this city of the dead.

Honestly, I know that I watched this one, but I’m pretty sure I was reading a book at the same time, it was so blah.

GracieKat: I generally don’t get sick from the found footage style of movie but this one made me a bit queasy and headachy. The main actress was kind of blah and they really didn’t make as much use of the catacombs as they could have.

IMDB Rating: 6.2

Watch Instead: Deliver Us From Evil

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The Green Inferno

Synopsis: A group of student activists travels to the Amazon to save the rain forest and soon discover that they are not alone, and that no good deed goes unpunished.

 Oh, lookit, an hour of torture, almost torture, and public humiliation. *yawn*

IMDB Rating: 5.4

Watch instead: Oculus

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The Apparition

Synopsis: A couple is haunted by a supernatural presence that is unleashed during a college experiment.

 Everyone said this movie sucked. I was in a recalcitrant mood, so I rented it anyways. Dear god, it sucked.

IMDB Rating: 4.1

Watch instead: Sinister (NOT THE SECOND ONE!)

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Silent House

Synopsis: A girl is trapped inside her family’s lakeside retreat and becomes unable to contact the outside world as supernatural forces haunt the house with mysterious energy and consequences.

Look, 2011 sucked in terms of horror movies in general. This one gets this list because a gimmick is not a strong enough reason to make a movie.

GracieKat: Yup. There’s only so many shots you can watch of a girl hiding and covering her mouth that you can watch until you long for a bit of plot to get going. 

IMDB Rating: 5.3

Watch instead: The Innkeepers

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The Nightmare on Elm Street reboot

Synopsis: The spectre of a dead child rapist haunts the children of the parents who murdered him, stalking and killing them in their dreams.

Do I really need to detail all the reasons this movie sucked? ‘Cause…ain’t nobody got time for that.

GracieKat: I…don’t want to talk about it *sniff*

IMDB Rating: 5.2

Watch instead: Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

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The Human Centipede

Synopsis: A mad scientist kidnaps and mutilates a trio of tourists in order to reassemble them into a human centipede, created by stitching their mouths to each others’ rectums.

“You know what would be so disgusting? If a bunch of people were trapped ass to mouth.” “Disgusting means scary, right, dude?” “Yeah, man. Totally means scary!” “Oh, okay. Well, here’s  some money. Make the scary film, dude!”

GracieKat: I never wanted to watch it and the pictures that popped up definitely does not make me regret that decision.

IMDB Rating: 4.4

Watch instead: Drag Me to Hell

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The Eye

Synopsis: A woman receives an eye transplant that allows her to see into the supernatural world.

 While I am a firm admirer of Jessica Alba’s…well, not her brains or or acting ability … this movie had absolutely nothing going for it. Not all J-Horror flicks need to be Americanized, yeah?

IMDB Rating: 5.4

Watch instead: Pontypool

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The Girl Next Door

Synopsis: Based on the Jack Ketchum novel of the same name, The Girl Next Door follows the unspeakable torture and abuses committed on a teenage girl in the care of her aunt…and the boys who witness and fail to report the crime.

Torture, brainwashing, child abuse, torture, brainwashing, child abuse. Oh gee, look, more torture, brainwashing, and child abuse. With a side of murder, rape and all that lovely stuff. *eyeroll*

IMDB Rating: 6.7

Watch instead: 28 Weeks Later

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Are there any movies you guys found absolutely uninteresting that we missed? Drop a comment down below. You’re free to try and defend a favorite that we tanked, nicely of course or we will have to sic Coolthulhu on you.

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  1. I’ve only watched one of the on telly and yes… On the other hand I’ve watched a few of the ones you recommend instead, so, even if by pure luck I haven’t done too badly. I watched an exorcism silly one 2 or 3 years ago, but I was in France and can’t remember what the original title was (or the French one, to be honest).

    1. That does sound like a bit of good luck! Funny you should mention foreign horror. That’s what we are doing week after next.

  2. What? I didn’t even know they did a Nightmare on Elm Street reboot! Why would they do that? That is wrong. 🙂 I haven’t heard of most of these movies so I guess that is a good thing. 🙂

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