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The Pitch Wall and the Artists’ Hall

The original idea was to just host stories/works from marginalized creators here, but several awesome creators quickly disabused us of this by pointing out that stories published even online somewhere like here would lose “First print” monies if printed in anthologies, which can be quite a difference from the reprint fee. They also pointed out that surely someone would fuss about us somehow profiting off the work of marginalized creators even though we would not be selling or redistributing the work in any fashion… and so on.

These were all valid points and we’re very grateful that they were made. There is some stuff we simply weren’t aware of, or were too optimistic to think there would be a problem.

Basically, we realized that we needed to change our approach on how to help marginalized folk and do it in such a way where creators were not inadvertently penalized.

To that end, we welcome you to The Pitch Wall and the Artists’ Hall.

The idea for the Pitch Wall is simple. Marginalized creators fill out the form listed below, and one of our team transfers it to the Pitch Wall.

We will then host your Tweet-length pitches (written in that format, using standard abbreviations), as well as a brief writing sample, in an easy-to-access place on the site. We will include your name, website and/or email as applicable so that you can be contacted by any interested parties.

Once listed, we will regularly promote your pitches via our social media platforms and regular plugs here on the site so that any potential publishers (to which we have no affiliation,by the way) stand at least a slightly better chance of coming across your pitches and therefore increasing your chances of getting your ideas seen and potentially published.

We make no claims that this will greatly help your ability to be published, but we understand that marginalized creators need every extra bit of help they can get to get their work seen, and this is what we know we can do to help.

The idea for the Artists’ Hall is similarly simple, yet filled with a bunch of “Let me be very clears” here. The only reason we are offering this segment is because of our own V Castro. She made it clear that, for her, the money didn’t matter nearly as much as the chance to get her stories read. SO, on her behalf, Sci-Fi & Scary is opening up a short fiction category on the site (under 7,500 words). Details follow below.

  • Sci-Fi & Scary will require only the right to display your work in it’s entirety on the site. We will not distribute (sell,giveaway) your work in any fashion, though we will link to it on social media in an effort to promote your work being seen. This right to display can be revoked at any time and we will happily replace it with a synopsis and a link to where the work is now officially published instead.
  • Artists submitting their short fiction or short films (youtube, vimeo links are fine) must be over the age of 18.
  • Submitted work must be the artist’s original creation. If we find out that work is forged or otherwise copied, we will immediately take down the work and will never work with the artist again in the future.
  • The submitting artist understands that posting their work here on Sci-Fi & Scary could lose them first print royalties, could lose them their ability to publish their work with small presses, and is responsible for doing any and all research necessary before submitting their work to the site. Sci-Fi & Scary will not be held liable for any monies lost by submitting your work for posting on the site.
  • If this is a story that has been printed or shown elsewhere, it is the artist’s responsibility to make sure that the current rights allow for ‘reprinting’/’reposting’ on the site.
  • Basically, if you are like V, and just want your voice heard/story read, we’re offering you a chance to have that, free of charge, here on Sci-Fi & Scary. It is completely up to you if you take advantage of it.

We may take some flack for doing this, but have tried to make our intentions as clear as possible. We want to help, and these are two potential ways that we think we can help. It’s easy to make supportive noises. We want to actually do supportive things.

With that being said, if neither of these two things appeal to you, just tag @scifiandscary on Twitter about your project. We’d most likely be quite happy just to give you a signal boost.

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