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The Kali Krew Presents: Which Character Are You?

Have you ever watched a movie and thought “That is so me!” Of course you have, everyone has whether a horror movie or a romantic comedy. And it always seems like whenever you take one of those “Which Horror Movie Character Are You?” quizzes they never seem to have just the right one that fits.

So the Kali Krew took it upon themselves to pick the character they think resembles them the closest. We came up with some interesting and unexpected characters!

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Kaylee from Firefly

Kayle from Firefly saying "Going on a year now, I ain't had nothing 'twixt my nethers weren't run on batteries"

Kaylee from Firefly because even though she is much happier than I am, we both have zero filter and so will say anything, the ability to fix things with little to work with, and want to find the best in people (even if I’m more inclined to realize the best is still absolutely horrible in some people.)


Evelyn Carnahan from The Mummy

Evelyn Carnahan from The Mummy saying "It's just a book, no harm ever came from reading a book"

Evelyn fits me pretty well. A little klutzy, loves her books (even when she’s causing mass mayhem with them) and would definitely end up reading a cursed book that would annihilate the world


Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family

Wednesday Addams saying "Be afraid, be very afraid"

I pick Wednesday Adams because she’s introverted, weird, and doesn’t give two fucks about what people think


Ansley Boone from Reception by Kenzie Jennings

Tales from the Darkside, the witch sliding into the oven
Not exactly from the book (hehe)
Tales from the Darkside: The Movie

She’s tough but also not exactly sure what’s happening half the time. Also I can totally see myself getting stuck in the same situations. I can’t tell anymore because I don’t want to spoil it – read the book!


Grandpa from The Lost Boys

Grandpa from The Lost Boys gif

More than a little quirky but also in the know on most things but just does not give a fuck, he just wants to live his life

V. Castro

Satanico Pandemonium from From Dusk Till Dawn

Satanico Pandemonium from Dusk Till Dawn dancing

Because she is bad in all the ways that matter!

J.B. Rockwell

Wall-E from Wall-E

Wall-E putting a bra on his eyes

Neither of us is the brightest bulb, but we try really hard and make time for pets and eventually someone comes along who appreciates our slightly dented exterior


Tony Parker from the Marvel Universe

Tony Stark and Peter Parker hugging

The love of engineering and DIY culture of Tony Stark. That’s what got me into all of my various careers over the years. I helped build the first wireless PDA. Taught computer engineering at UCLA. And have worked for many years in engineering innovation.
The lack of suitable self-confidence of Peter Parker. Unlike Iron Man, Peter clearly covers a deep sense of awkwardness, alienation and self-doubt that he masks with humor and wise-cracks. Yeah, that’s it. Half and half. Thus Tony Parker.


Pat from Green Room

Anton Yelchin in The Green Room

Anton Yelchin’s character in Green Room (the one who nearly gets his hand hacked off with a machete). We’re on the quieter side and we would both try to do the right thing in any normal circumstance. Put in a deadly situation we may have the most determination in the group, but if we managed to survive we’d only do it by a combination of a couple tiny good choices mixed in with plenty of bad ones, and sheer dumb luck. I definitely don’t share Anton’s good looks though!

We had a lot of great responses and we’d love to hear yours! If you’d like to see what Fictional Characters We’d Definitely Hang Out With you can follow the link to see who’s on our list!

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  1. Lol! Ditto Teagan’s comment. 😀

    • You too! We’d love to hear what you came up with!

  2. Ha! That was fun. I’m glad you shared it. Now I’ll probably spend the day walking into things, because 3/4ths of my mind is occupied but wondering what character I am. 😀 Hugs.

    • We’d be interested to know who you came up with!

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