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The Kali Krew Presents: Just One Word Titles

Horror novels and short stories aren’t well known for their lengthy titles (if you want those, science fiction and fantasy are your best bets). But we decided to go one better and bring you a list of our favorite books with just one word in the title.

Just one word to catch our attention and make us say “gimme”.

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Lilyn’s Picks

Alive by Scott Siegler

Alive book cover

“Because you think all these things, and then it gets to the end and you’re like WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK? And we need more books that surprise you out of left field like that.

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Biblical by Christopher Gault

Biblical book cover

“Trippy sci-fi that makes you give the development of AI the side-eye, but not for the reasons you might expect.”

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Binti by Nnedi Okorafor

Binti book cover

” Because Nnedi Okorafor created a character to communicate ‘other’ extremely well, and it’s a beautiful short book.”

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Transcendental by James Gunn

Transcendental book cover

“Stands out in my mind because the aliens were so unique. A very enjoyable read.”

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Gracie’s Picks

Gothic! edited by Deborah Noyes

“Gothic has some great Gothic stories for YA readers and a really good send-up of the genre in a short story by Neil Gaiman”

Terminal by Michaelbrent Collings

Terminal book cover

“Terminal is so ominous sounding. So end of the line. So final. It’s a great title for a horror book.”

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Tracy’s Picks

Brother by Ania Ahlborn

Brother book cover

“This book is hungry and mean. Ahlborn pulls no punches and crafts a mother that no child should ever have. And it made me cry.”

Wanderers by Chuck Wendig

Wanderers book cover

“Yes, more apocalyptic recs from me. Shocking. Bioterror and character studies combine to make this epic tome an absolute must-read. I love Wendig’s writing style and it’s one I will definitely re-read. All 750+ pages.”

Check out Tracy’s review of Wanderers

Wool by Hugh Howey

Wool book cover

“This book is the first in Hugh Howey’s silo series and it is amazing. I read the entire 400 or so pages in 24 hours and devoured the rest of the series. A must-read for fans of post-apocalyptic stories. LOVED IT. So unique and engaging and even I could understand the science. Think Mark Watney but FEMALE. YES.”

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Sam’s Pick

Soon by Lois Murphy

Soon book cover

“One word but it’s immediately ominous and foreboding. And the contents live up to it!”

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Sian’s Pick

Remains by Andrew Cull

Remains book cover

” An ominous title with a heartbreaking story that’s very difficult to put down”

Check out Sian’s review of Remains

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IT by Stephen King

Shawn’s Pick

IT book cover

“IT by Stephen King leapt out. Makes the threat feel ominous as so little is known about it that this is the only way it can even be referred to.”

Check out Lilyn and Gracie’s double review of IT

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Eliza’s Pick

Chills by Mary SanGiovanni

Chills book cover

“Masterfully uses snow and cold to create a tense atmosphere with tension rising as horrific events overtake a town, threatening the lives of everyone there.”

Check out Lilyn’s review of Chills

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Let us know your favorite one word book titles down below!

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  1. Toss in Iain M. Banks’s “Excession.” The title describes the science fiction/cultural conflict concept that drives the whole novel. Oh, and there’s an alien species called “the Affront,” because that’s what they’re good at, a woman who’s been pregnant for forty years, and a guy . . . well, actually two guys who are lousy lovers (definitely a fantasy concept, as ever guy knows).

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