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The Hanover Block and Brides of Hanover Block by Gregor Xane #BookReview

The Hanover Block: Living in the long shadow of a tragic accident, Marion struggles through his solitary suburban life. He’s resigned himself to a static existence, to living and dying in a world where every house looks exactly the same. Then he notices changes in his neighborhood. Tool sheds and playhouses are cropping up all over, hastily constructed and set at odd angles. The nutjob down the road builds an outhouse in the middle of his front yard, and the guy right next door is erecting two geodesic climbing domes, one nested inside the other. 

Brides of Hanover Block: In The Hanover Block, you witnessed men doing nasty things on their lawns, the perverse pleasures they enjoy alone in their backyard sheds, workshops, and garages.But what of the women, the wives, the church lady down the block, the home care nurses, the widows and daughters and sisters and mothers?

Women are doing strange things behind closed doors.

Why are their curtains drawn? Why are their basements off-limits? What dark secrets are they trading at prayer circles on Sunday nights? And now shadowy government agents in dark suits are rapidly closing in, asking these same questions.

An oddly shaped pile of peach colored flesh rests against a black-to-red ombre background. it is featureless and disturbing.
A long arc of tubular, pink flesh curves from the bottom of the cover to the top against a black-to-red ombre background

Title: The Hanover Block / Brides of Hanover Block | Author: Gregor Xane | Pub. Date: 02 November 2014 / 14 October 2019 | Pages: 128 / 180 | ISBN: 9781503193390 / 9781697323344 | Genre: Horror/Bizarro Language: English |  Source: Received a copy from author for review consideration | Starred Review

The Hanover Block and The Brides of Hanover Block Review

“It dominated the view, rising up to a height equal to the deck’s top railing. It was dimpled and pock-marked, discolored and sweaty. Patches of fine brown hair, wispy as down, could be seen along its edges, iridescent in the morning light.” – Gregor Xane, The Hanover Block

I decided to do a dual review for the first two books in the Hanover Quartet, largely because I read them almost back to back. Once I read one, I needed to read the other because I had NO CLUE WHAT WAS HAPPENING. I mean, I did know, but these books are so freaking out there, man. The review keeps details to a minimum – readers need to experience these by going in blind.

In The Hanover Block, the men in the neighborhood are acting weird. Strange, random structures pop up in the oddest places, Marion (the MC) makes an unusually, gross-yet-sexy discovery, and the whole damn thing is bizarre, in the best way. Xane made things erotic that I would never associate with sexual pleasure. Ever. I love a book that can shock me and entertain at the same time.

While the guys are doing their thing outside, the next book. Brides of Hanover Block, are busy indoors. In the basement. And they are ravenous in more than one way. This one got a little too out there for me. I don’t mind weird, erotic, and gross things intermingled, but I lost the plot a couple times and I needed to re-read a few parts. The book does a decent job of exploring other facets of this world.

Yes, these books can be classified as WTF, I promise you there are things in these pages you’ve never even heard of before (and you might not want to, ha!), but they are also a great example of a versatile, creative mind. I have read a few of Xane’s short stories and they were favorites in the anthologies I found them in. While the content is wildly different, Xane’s skills shine through no matter the genre.

I believe Sons of Hanover Block is the next book in the series. I will absolutely check that one out, after I steel myself for whatever messed up chaos Xane has in store. Looking for something wild, erotic, and disgusting? Try these. I’ll read them all.

  You can find this book at many retailers via clicking on the appropriate link on Goodreads (The Hanover Block; Brides of Hanover Block); however, in the spirit of supporting literacy programs, we would like to point out that you may be able to purchase this book through BetterWorldBooks

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  1. Bob

    I keep seeing these books come up in my Goodreads feed, and finally grabbed the first last month when it was on sale for 99cents. It’s the 2nd book that really interests me, though, so I may follow your lead and read them back-to-back.

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