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The Great American Deception by Scott Stein #BookReview

A damsel in distress. A dangerous dame. A metric-ton of coffee…

Private Investigator Frank Harken’s worldwide fame has only made him more cynical. And living in a giant mall covering the entire USA only serves to drive him nuts on a daily basis. So when a femme fatale barges in asking Harken to track down her sister, he knows when he’s heard an offer too good to be true.

Puzzled by the sudden arrival of Arjay, a sentient coffee-making robot he never ordered, Frank shrugs and rolls with the caffeinated punches. But as the intrepid duo dig deeper into the missing dame’s disappearance, they uncover a deadly plot that could take down the best part of a society gone bananas…

Can the world-weary PI and his barista-bot foil the dastardly scheme to rob Americans of their entertainment?

The Great American Deception is a sci-fi comedy satire. If you like quirky characters, cultural mashups, and original wordplay, then you’ll love Scott Stein’s futuristic send-up.

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Title: The Great American Deception | Publisher: Tiny Fox Press | Pub. Date: 2020-May-5 | Pages: 232 | ISBN13: 978-1946501219 | Language: English | Content Warnings: None | Source: Publisher | Starred Review

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The Great American Deception Review

Who says you can’t write a book from the point-of-view of a futuristic coffee machine? In this witty delightful crime noir, a coffee machine steals the show. Meet Arjay. Not only can he calibrate the most delicious brew you’ve ever consumed, but he’s the sidekick to crime solving private detective Frank Harken. When Frank is asked to find the whereabouts of missing woman Winsome Smiles, they team up on a grand adventure full of humor and suspense.

Similar to books by Douglas Adams, Stein combines lighthearted comedy with a fun escapade through a future reality. With an overall crime noir vibe, the story unravels a mystery to destroy society. Frank and Arjay serve as a whimsical Sherlock and Watson team, fighting bad guys and decoding clues. Arjay kindly provides footnotes to help our pesky human brains keep up with his vast intellect, and these hilarious interjections further develop an amusing escapism read.

The plot rolls quickly as the characters dive deeper into the case of the missing woman. Twists and turns are only a page away, keeping the tension high and the absurdity bountiful. The dialog adds to the silly nature of the characters, while giving Arjay an air of sophistication reserved solely for talking coffee machines. In the end, readers will laugh and long for their own Arjay companion to stand beside them through life’s great mysterious. This is an entertaining read with high stakes and fast paced action. Enjoy!

You can access this book through the Goodreads webpage. However, in the interest of boosting literacy programs, we recommend buying it if at all possible through Better World Books, where regulation donations are made to support literacy.

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