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The Corona Book of Ghost Stories edited by Sue J. Eaton

The Corona Book of Ghost Stories brings you the best in 21st century ghost stories. There have been plenty of books with old ghost stories from writers no longer with us, but with this book we’re bringing you something different – the best in new ghost stories, each one newly written for and set in the 21st century.

For whatever your interest in the paranormal, we all love a good ghost story and this collection brings you 16 of the best from the most talented new writers – especially selected for this book from hundreds of stories worldwide.

From a reservoir in Scotland to an opulent Italian hotel to a drab apartment block in New York State, ghosts are everywhere.

Dip your toe, if you dare, and find out what lies beneath the covers. You’ll find the dead reaching out from the past for help as well as those with vengeance on their mind. And there’s always the one who doesn’t even realise they’re dead…

It’s a collection of modern paranormal fiction at its spine-chilling best – a must read not only for fans of horror but anyone who loves a good ghost story.

The full list of contributing authors is:

1. Jude Reid
2. Mike Sherer
3. John Mueter
4. Ali Habashi
5. Sue Eaton
6. Phillip Drake
7. Matthew Gorman
8. Eryn Hiscock
9. C.M. Saunders
10. Angelique Fawns
11. Christopher Wilson
12. C.E. Rickard
13. Phillip Tomasso
14. Donna L. Greenwood
15. Jill Hand

16. J.A.W. McCarthy 

The Corona Book of Ghost Stories book cover

Title: The Corona Book of Ghost Stories | Edited By: Sue J. Eaton | Publisher: Corona Books UK | Pub. Date: 10/01/2019 | Pages: 224 | ISBN13: 978199957956 | Genre: Supernatural Horror | Language: English | Rating: 5 out of 5 | Source: Received for review consideration

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Corona Book of Ghost Stories Review

It has been awhile since I’ve read a really good book of straight up ghost stories. I’m not saying I haven’t read any because there have been some really good ones in collections and anthologies but it has been awhile since I’ve loved an entire anthology so much. Without further ado, here are the stories:

Danger: Deep Water by Jude Reid:
Two girls, a bully and a local spooky pond. I liked the twist at the end. Well, it’s not really a twist but it definitely had a different outcome (and possibly a happier ending) than expected.

Ligeia by Mike Sherer:
A man buys a house with a reputation and a resident siren, luring men in to fix her house and to their doom.

Anna in the Night by John Mueter:
This was a great sweet story where the ghostly communication is through the piano.

Where We Hide by Ali Hibashi:
This was a great story. The ending was very creepy and satisfying.

The Garden by Sue J. Eaton:
This didn’t really feel like a ghost story so much as a nature spirit but again, it’s a pretty satisfying ending.

Personal Demons:
This story was a pretty wild ride in the best way. With the snow and the drinking and driving I thought I knew what was going on. But it took a turn I wasn’t expecting.

Swim at Your Own Risk by Matthew Gorman:
I love a good haunted hotel story. Pools are popular and I’m happy to say they didn’t go the typical route.

Button, Button by Eryn Hisock:
I love a damn good Civil War ghost and this one was good. I feel like that might be a slight spoiler but c’mon. And I liked it because it acknowledged the female soldiers that went to battle dressed as men. There are some famous ones but I’ll bet there are even more we don’t know about.

Where a Town Once Stood by C.M. Saunders:
A lot of these stories have such a classic feel to them. This kind of twist has been done before but it’s still used well and felt comfortable.

The Last Ride by Angelique Fawns:
This was a great, great story. I love a good creepy carnival.

The Walking Woman by Christopher Wilson:
A ghostly urban legend and a bet gone wrong. What could be a better beginning to a ghost story.

A little ghost story, a little demonic

Jenny by Phillip Tomasso:
A man on the verge of suicide finds his plans stalled when he hears crying from next door

Amy by Dona L. Greenwood:
Ghosts can get lonely, too

The Scrambler by Jill Hand:
Not gonna lie, I thought it was talking about the carnival ride. It’s even better. It was a heart-wrencher, though, for sure. What decision would you make?

Everything Here is Mine:
A vengeful spirit is not going anywhere because everything there is hers and she will burn it down before she lets them have it.

This was a very satisfying collection of ghost stories. They felt very comfortable and some were amazingly creepy. This is a great read for winter and to pair with some classic ghost stories like M.R. James.

Definitely recommended.

You can find The Corona Book of Ghost Stories via its Goodreads link or, if you’d like to support literacy programs you can buy it through Better World Books

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