Talking with Barry Ward about REALIVE

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REALIVE – Marc (Tom Hughes) is diagnosed with a disease and is given one year left to live. Unable to accept his own end, he decides to freeze his body. Sixty years later, in the year 2084, he becomes the first man to be revived in history. It is then he discovers that the love of his life, Naomi (Oona Chaplin), has accompanied him this entire time in a way that he’d never expected.

Barry Ward plays Dr. West, the pioneer attempting to successfully complete the revival of a person that had entrusted their body to cryogenics.

Talking with Barry Ward about REALIVE

Sci-Fi & Scary: First off, I just want to say that I thought the REALIVE movie was wonderful. I was truly surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I thought the fact that it treated reanimation so seriously (the details of not being able to revive 100% of a body, etc., as well as the psychological effects on the reanimated person) was fantastic. Put tears in my eyes at the end!

So, now, to the questions.

Sci-Fi & Scary:  Cryogenics is almost an evergreen topic. The idea is fascinating. Not only is the potential for postponing permanent death a great idea to some people, but the science itself behind cryogenics is downright interesting. What are your thoughts on it? Would you choose to have your body frozen if you encountered a problem like Marc, the main character did?

Barry Ward:  Thank you kindly for your very interesting questions; I am delighted you liked the movie. Like you, I find the subject of cryogenics fascinating. Though still in its infancy it does appear to be ever-growing. It is not something I had ever given much thought to before filming REALIVE, after which I know for certain that I’ll definitely not be doing it myself.

Sci-Fi & Scary: How long did it take to film REALIVE? How long did it take for you, specifically, to wrap up your scenes?

Barry Ward: The whole shoot took about five weeks, with Dr West’s stuff taking roughly half of that.

Sci-Fi & Scary: Do you think your character Dr. West, the main doctor in charge of the reanimation process, was truly regretful for all the false-starts? Or was he wrapped up in the genius of what he was attempting to do?

Barry Ward: This is a very good question. Is it possible for West to be both truly regretful and ego-driven…? This was a point of deep discussion for myself and Mateo (director). If truly regretful then perhaps West would not have continued. All scientific breakthroughs are a process of trial and error. I think West sees these false starts as necessary means to an end.

Sci-Fi & Scary: Did you do any research for your role?

Barry Ward: For research I read a lot of science books, particularly around brain malleability. I always have a book about consciousness on the go anyway, so that all came in handy. Mateo Gil was our go-to guy for everything- he is incredibly knowledgable and generous with it.

Sci-Fi & Scary: What was the most interesting part of filming REALIVE for you?

Barry Ward: The most interesting part of the job for me is always the research. Delving into cutting-edge science and technological advancements was and is endlessly fascinating.

Sci-Fi & Scary: Though you have lots of acting credits to your name, REALIVE seems to be only the second piece of science fiction you’ve appeared in. What drew you to it?

Barry Ward:  REALIVE is my 2nd sci-Fi film… Is it!? What was the first? I was drawn to this particular script owing to the philosophical questions it asked. Issue of free will, ethics and immortality were thrown up and interestingly addressed.

Sci-Fi & Scary: Well, IMDB listed The Survivalist as Drama/Sci-Fi/Thriller. I guess maybe the ‘sci-fi’ slotting is open to interpretation!

Sci-Fi & Scary: Do you see yourself starring in more films in the science fiction genre in the future?

Barry Ward: I’m definitely open to doing more sci-fi in the future, yes. Often these films involve more pressing issues and interesting problems than other genres.

Sci-Fi & Scary: Where were the sections of REALIVE where your character appeared filmed?

Barry Ward: Prodigy Corporation scenes were filmed in a beautiful library near Santa Cruz in Tenerife. Surgery (reanimations etc) were filmed in studio in Barcelona.

Sci-Fi & Scary: Had you worked with any of your castmates from this movie before?

Barry Ward: I’d never worked or met anyone else involved in the film prior to filming but they are the reason I remember it as one of my favourite films to shoot.

Sci-Fi & Scary: Without saying too much – we don’t want to give away the end of the movie , after all – what did you think of West’s decision at the very end? Do you think it was it ego that drove him to do what he did?

Barry Ward: I think West sets his stall out early on in the film so the end for me is not so surprising, though I can certainly see how it will be for audiences. I think it’s fair to say West is in it to win it.


Look for our review of REALIVE on it’s release date, which is this Friday, September 29th, 2017!

\Our thanks again to Barry Ward for finding time in his schedule for a quick interview with us.

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