Top Ten Tuesday: Things That Make My Inner Hermione Go Squee!


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Kind of, but not necessarily directly book-related…and in no particular order

The Top Ten Things That Make My Inner Hermione Go Squeee!

  1. When I can catch an NOAA Okeanos Explorer Dive (site). You see some of the coolest stuff on those dives. My best friend and I, even though we’re states apart, tend to buzz each other up and watch ‘together’. She’s the one who got me started on this.
  2. Urban Organic Gardening – We live in the suburbs, and we can’t use pesticides because of Miss L’s lung problems, so this is right up my alley. We either fail horribly or have an overabundance of one thing, so here’s hoping we find a middle ground soon. Its a challenge I love sinking my teeth into.
  3. Photography – Why is this one under “inner Hermione”? I’m talking more full on studio set-up, visualizing a scene and then executing it properly. There is a lot to learn to pull off good-looking shots. So every time I learn something new, I do a happy dance.
  4. Space (the real stuff, not Star Trek)- Whenever we get in a new tidbit about Pluto, or the Mars Curiosity Rover turns up something new, etc., I must investigate it immediately to find out what the deal is. My ‘bedtime TV’ is episodes of The Universe.
  5. Bioterrorism Thrillers – From movies like Outbreak to books like The Chimera Strain. I don’t know what it is about this specific subject, but it fascinates me. I think its the idea that it’s possible, you know? I think in the back of my paranoid head, I expect the end of humanity to come about via someone being a nuckfut with a virus. Could you imagine if rabies aerosolized? Gyaaaaaaarrrrrrgh. *shudders*
  6. Random Facts – Yes, whenever I learn something and verify its a fact, no matter if it has anything to do with what I’m actually doing, its like an energy boost for my brain. I just get all happy for a minute as I absorb the knowledge.
  7. Computers – Computers and their workings fascinate me. They offer so many challenges that I can’t help but want to poke at them all the time.
  8. Children’s Nonfiction Books – Adult non-fiction books are boring. They are. I love to learn about things, but it seems like the older you get, the drier the information becomes. Therefore I love investigating the children’s nonfiction section with Miss L, and am just as happy to read the books as she is. We checked out a book on snakes and lizards a while back that was just freaking awesome. Adults want to have fun while they learn, too! I mean, if I want to learn something seriously, I don’t mind wading through tech speak, but if I just want to casually learn about animals? Make. it. interesting.
  9. Building Things – This, like a couple things on this list, comes down to the challenge again, I think. Its looking at a pile of parts, a picture of the finished product, and feeling myself gearing up to conquer the challenge successfully. Whether its putting together a book case or building a K’nex hangglider with Miss L, if it makes me use my brain, it makes me happy.
  10. Bookstores and Libraries – Of COURSE this would be on a list of things that make my Inner Hermione go squee! Did you really think otherwise?

Fanciful Friday: Old Rugged Stump

I don’t know how I mis-scheduled two of these! Sorry for those of you that saw this appear yesterday!

©Fightingtime Photography 2015

Fanciful Friday: The Swan

For some reason this ran yesterday, but I pulled it down right quick for the obvious reason.

Here we go, today.


©FightingtimePhotography 2015

Fanciful Fridays: Red Riding Hood

RedLunchFORWEB (1 of 1)

Pretty much the only shot from this entire session that I really loved.

Fanciful Fridays: Fierce

Took this picture last year. Still love it. She did so great in front of the camera!

©Fighting Time Photography

Fanciful Fridays: Near the Fruit Farm

Took this from the car on the way to pick apples last year.

Fanciful Fridays: Dancing in the Rain

I know I’ve done black and white photos up until this point (in case you can’t tell, I have a preference for shooting in that medium). However, this is one of the rare colored pictured I love.

11425204_1645762469003308_6275591795678854184_o (1)

PS: No, her hair color has not been altered. During the summer, L’s allowed to have her hair any demi-permanent color she wants.

Fanciful Fridays: Film Noir Shoot

From a shoot with my partner a year or so ago.

Fanciful Fridays: Ticked Off Tot

The Ticked Off Tot
The Ticked Off Tot

…actually, she’s not mad. She was happily participating in taking pictures, and obeying me. So when I told her to cross her arms and lean forward, she did so. Then I told her to put her lips together (she’s a mouth breather) and this is what I got.

I love it!

Fanciful Fridays: Funky Fire Hydrant

Funky Fire Hydrant
Funky Fire Hydrant

Seriously, why doesn’t my city have cool fire hydrants like this? Not fair!