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Apocalypse Taco by Nathan Hale #BookReview

Sid, Axl, and Ivan volunteer to make a late-night fast-food run for the high school theater crew, and when they return, they find themselves. Not…


Nightbooks by J.A. White #BookReview

A boy is imprisoned by a witch and must tell her a new scary story each night to stay alive. This thrilling contemporary fantasy from…


It Came From the Basement by M.R. Kessell #BookReview

Title: It Came From the Basement | Author: M.R. Kessell | Pub. Date: 2018-05-03 | ISBN13: 9780692110133| Genre: Nostalgia Horror | Language: English | Triggers: May…

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5 Creepy-Looking Kids Books I Want to Read This Spring

Now, some of these tend to be slated into both YA and MG. Probably because of the subject matter. However, when I first encountered them,…


Sarah Landon and the Paranormal Hour #MovieReview

 Sarah Landon and the Paranormal Hour Synopsis: The heroine, 17-year-old Sarah Landon, is in over her head. Staying far away from home with her late friends…

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5 Kids Horror Series Besides Goosebumps.

Last week we talked about Goosebumps, but Goosebumps certainly isn’t/wasn’t the only kids horror series in existence. These series might not be as prolific as…


Goosebumps – The Original Kids Horror?

If you ask anybody from the early 1990s forward to name any kids horror book, chances are they’re going to tell you about the Goosebumps…


Room of Shadows Review (Kids Horror Thriller)

Title: Room of Shadows | Author: Ronald Kidd | Publisher: Albert Whitman & Co | Pub. Date: 2017-8-1 | Pages: 256 | ISBN13: 9780807568057 | Genre:…

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On Writing Kid’s Horror by Michael F. Stewart

For our weekly guest post, we have Michael F. Stewart, author of Keep in a Cold, Dark Place joining us. Michael is an old hat…

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