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Mr. Blue Sky #BookReview

Rebecca is thirty-five, single and working for her uncle in a chemical warehouse. The terrifying nightmares have started all over again. She cannot stop dreaming…


Call Drops by John F Leonard #BookReview

Vincent likes nothing more than rootling round second-hand shops in search of the interesting and unusual. Items that are lost and forgotten. Why not? He…


Day 115 on an Alien World by Jeanette Bedard #BookReview

Someone needs to be alive to call for help. A dishonourable discharge left Margo unable to find honest work on Earth. Signing onto a colonizing…

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The Forest by Julia Blake #BookReview

“I met a man made of leaves, with roots for hair, who looked at me with eyes that burnt like fire.” An impenetrable forest that…


Synthesis: Weave by Rexx Deane #BookReview

Title: Synthesis: Weave | Author: Rexx Deane | Publisher: Forcefield Publishing | Pub. Date: 2018-8-18 | Pages: 567 | ASIN: B07FC4BKLV | Genre: Science Fiction…

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Indie Zone: Talking with Michael C. Sahd

Michael C. Sahd grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico. From a young age, he read voraciously, particularly in the fields of fantasy and science…

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Quinsey Wolfe’s Glass Vault #BookReview

Title: Quinsey Wolfe’s Glass Vault | Author: Candace Robinson | Pub. Date: 2017-5-16 | Pages: 242 | ISBN13: 9781544274652 | Genre: Fantasy Horror | Language: English |…


Telonaut Review

Telonaut.jpgTelonaut: Humanity has recovered from economic apocalypse, to rebuild a better society, but one still plagued by dissension and selfishness.

Sero Novak is biologically teleported to the wetworld of NineDee on a critical mission to discover the mysterious fate of the colonists there. Novak is mentally connected with the rest of humanity by NeuroVision memory technology. Novak explores NineDee, encountering the dangers of the indigenous life forms and environment—and uncovers ever weirder secrets about the colonists themselves, culminating in a terrible revelation that forces him to take desperate action.

Bereaved, tormented by grief and driven by the fading shadow of the ideals he once held, he knows that a powerful and expectant government is tracking him from Earth via the global broadcast of his own memories. During his mission, Novak befriends a young colonist in whom he sees similar torment and confusion. Will Novak be able to protect the young girl?

Will humanity carry petty desires and desperate wishes across the galaxy? And will Novak be able to act in the best interests of all of humanity when faced with slipping ideals and destructive passions of the people sent to build among the distant stars?

Alone, he confronts the wilderness of loss and the physical danger of the wilds the only way he knows how; sheer will. – Goodreads


Dracula’s Cat (Monster Pets: Book 1)

Title: Dracula’s Cat | Series: Monster Pets #1 | Author: Gary Buettner | Pub. Date: 2014-10-7 | ISBN13: 9781940344164 | Genre: Kids Fiction | Language:…

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Indie Zone: Talking with Teri Polen

Teri Polen reads and watches horror, sci-fi, and fantasy. The Walking Dead, Harry Potter, and anything Marvel-related are likely to cause fangirl delirium. She lives…

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