A Selection of Sci-Fi and Horror Graphic Novels Out March 7th, 2018

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A selection of some of the most interesting looking sci-fi and horror graphic novels out now, March 7th, 2018.

(If you’re looking for Marvel or DC comics, you’re probably looking in the wrong place.)

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Book cover for Gideon Falls

Gideon Falls #1

The cover. My interest in this book is completely because of the cool cover. What about you guys? What did you see when you first looked at it? The city or the profile?

A brand-new ongoing series from the acclaimed bestselling creative team of Old Man Logan and Green Arrow! The lives of a reclusive young man obsessed with a conspiracy in the city’s trash, and a washed-up Catholic priest arriving in a small town full of dark secrets, become intertwined around the mysterious legend of The Black Barn, an otherworldly building that is alleged to have appeared in both the city and the small town, throughout history, bringing death and madness in its wake. Rural mystery and urban horror collide in this character-driven meditation on obsession, mental illness

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Book cover for Oblivion Song

Oblivion #1

This just looks fascinating. I like the idea of pulling a whole major US city out of the world and going from there. Not quite like Under the Dome because they sound completely set apart instead of just separated by an upside down fishbowl but close. I think this sounds better.

A decade ago 300,000 citizens of Philadelphia were suddenly lost in Oblivion. The government made every attempt to recover them but after many years they gave up. Nathan Cole… won’t. He makes daily trips, risking his life to try and rescue those lost, alone and afraid, living in the apocalyptic hellscape of Oblivion. But maybe… Nathan is looking for something else? Why can’t he resist the siren call of the Oblivion Song?

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Book cover for Highest House 1

The Highest House #1

I read a middle grade book a while back about a little girl who was friends with an entity (even if she didn’t realize it was an entity at the time) and it was amazingly good. I’m thinking that this sounds like it would be something similar, and I just want to check it out.

The creators behind the Hugo Award-nominated The Unwritten, Mike Carey and Peter Gross, invite you into The Highest House, the story of a slave boy named Moth, who makes friends with a powerful entity called Obsidian that promises advancement and happiness. Clearly, Obsidian has a hidden agenda, but Moth has ambitions and plans of his own… Series covers by award-winning illustrator Yuko Shimizu!

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Book cover for Prism Stalker

Prism Stalker #1

Well, the cover is certainly eye-catching, isn’t it? But it was actually the first line of the synopsis that caught my attention. Octavia Butler, Sailor Moon, and Biopunk Horror? Ooooookay. I need to see this.

For fans of Octavia Butler, Sailor Moon, and the biopunk horror of David Cronenberg comes PRISM STALKER, an ongoing sci-fi adventure series by SLOANE LEONG. Vep is a young refugee raised away from her devastated home planet as an indentured citizen in a foreign colony. She works tirelessly for her insectoid hosts, but there is no exit in sight in this viscous, dripping citynest. The eye of opportunity is closing. Her duty is to her family and her siblings, but what more can she do for them here? The answer appears faster than she is ready for.

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Book cover for The October Faction

The October Faction: Supernatural Dreams #1

If you’ve read anything involving The October Faction, please let me know what you thought of it. I’m very tempted by the sound of this (anything with the idea of a family unit + supernatural happenings drags me in) but if they’re not interesting characters….

The October Faction is back! With their former leader and father retired, the rest of the Allan family adjusts to the new status quo and brings the monster-hunting business into the modern era. But a sinister and powerful new evil stirs… one that could tear the family apart!

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A Selection of Sci-Fi and Horror Graphic Novels Out February 28th

The Graphic Novels Out Now Weekly banner

A selection of some of the most interesting looking sci-fi and horror graphic novels out now, February 28th, 2018.

(If you’re looking for Marvel or DC comics, you’re probably looking in the wrong place.)

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Book cover for Abbot #2

Abbot #2

Remember that totally cool-looking, stark cover I posted a while back that featured the African American lady giving the ‘camera’ a “eff you” stare?? Well, the second issue has been released and this is it. Does that art not make you NEED to pick it up ASAP?

A brutal attack on the edges of the latest murder scene only spurs Abbott further into her investigation.

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Book cover for The Wilds

The Wilds #1

This one is on my list because of the diversity aspect. It also got a cool write up in Syfy Wire that is worth the read. Also, everyone knows I like zombie novels, and even though this doesn’t technically STATE it’s a zombie novel, “Abominations” probably equals zombies, right?

After a cataclysmic plague sweeps across America, survivors come together to form citystate-like communities for safety. Daisy Walker is a Runner for The Compound, a mix of post-apocalyptic postal service and black market salvaging operation. It is a Runner’s job to ferry items and people between settlements, and on occasion scavenge through the ruins of the old world. Daisy is the best there is at what she does. Out beyond the settlement walls are innumerable dangers: feral animals, crumbling structures, and Abominations – those that were touched by the plague and became something other. After a decade of surviving, Daisy isn’t phased by any of it – until her lover, another Runner named Heather, goes missing on a job. Desperate to find her, Daisy begins to see that there may be little difference between the world inside the walls and the horrors beyond. From writer Vita Ayala (Bitch Planet: Triple Feature, Wonder Woman Annual) and Emily Pearson (Cult Classic) with colors by Marissa Louise (Spell On Wheels) and covers by Natasha Alterici (Heathen), comes this bold tale of surviving in bleak times.

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Book cover for Rough Riders: Ride or Die

Rough Riders: Ride or Die

Okay, this one is a little hinky because it’s not giving me a release date on Amazon like does for most of them. Just says you can order it and have it by end of the first week of March. So, just a headsup on that. Anyways, I’m including Rough Riders here even though I, personally, have no desire to read the next volume. I know it sounded interesting to a lot of you when I reviewed the other two volumes, so I thought I’d let you guys and gals know it was available.

Volume Three of the hit AfterShock Series! A great jumping-on point! It’s 1906 and Theodore Roosevelt is the sitting president when a familiar face from his past asks him once again to call upon the Rough Riders to save the world. But this time it’s not anarchists or aliens-no, it’s something from the great beyond. Something so ancient and inherently evil that the Rough Riders will need to add to their ranks in hopes of defeating it. Who will be the newest historical figure to have the honor to call themselves a Rough Rider?

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Other New Graphic Novels 2-28

A Selection of Sci-Fi and Horror Graphic Novels Out February 21st

The Graphic Novels Out Now Weekly banner

A selection of some of the most interesting looking sci-fi and horror graphic novels out now, February 21st, 2018.

I had 5 graphic novels for you today. I swear I did. And when I went to double-check it this afternoon, I realized that one of them had been pushed out to March 7th. Sorry, folks!

(If you’re looking for Marvel or DC comics, you’re probably looking in the wrong place.)

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Book cover for Pumpkinhead 1

Pumpkinhead #1

It’s Pumpkinhead! It’s Pumpkinhead holding a man’s decapitated head in his mouth. Gimme. Gimme gimme gimme!

“For each of Man’s evils, a special demon exists.” For thirty years, the demon of vengeance has been still, its corpse buried in a pumpkin patch graveyard in the hills. But when a reckless driver accidentally kills a pair of children, the creature is called up once more. This time, though, the monster’s intended target is protected by a cruel backwoods crime family. They hatch their own supernatural plans for dealing with Pumpkinhead. For each of man’s sins, a special demon exists, and when seven infernal creatures roam the hills and the hollows, no one – guilty or otherwise – is safe.

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Book cover for Bloodborne #1

Bloodborne #1

I’ve really liked the other work I’ve seen from Ales Kot, and the artwork that we’ve seen from our Bloodborne Press Release makes me think this would be well worth picking up.

Written by Image Comics superstar Ales Kot, with artwork by Piotr Kowalski!

Awakening in an ancient city plagued by a twisted endemic – Where horrific beasts stalk the shadows and the streets run slick with the blood of the damned – A nameless hunter embarks on a dangerous quest in search of paleblood…

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Book cover for Hellboy and the BPRD 1955 Burning Season #1

Hellboy and the B.P.R.D. -1955 Burning Season #1

In all honesty, I’ve never read a Hellboy graphic novel before. I’ve only seen like part of the first movie. But I like the idea of him, and what art I’ve seen from this one makes me think it might be worth checking out.

Hellboy investigates a rash of spontaneous human combustions in a Florida town unlike any supernatural phenomena he’s seen before—and the fire has an appetite for Bureau agents.

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Book cover for Shiver Bureau 1

Shiver Bureau #1

The first line of the synopsis for Shiver Bureau hooked me. “Sherlock Homes and Ghostbusters”? I mean, there’s no way it can be as awesome as that sounds, but.. you know. Gotta look anyways.

A cross between Sherlock Holmes and Ghostbusters, Shiver Bureau is the tale of a formidable detective that is forced into a partnership with a wise-cracking, hotshot inspector to save London from being overrun by ghosts and monsters. Racing through the city to solve a case of missing orphans, they run into gangs, ghosts, dockside mafia, and a giant monster, all while trying not to kill each other.


So, did you guys hear Marvel is ‘relaunching’ again? This makes how many times in the past few years? Even if I had any interest in getting into the Marvel comics, at this point I wouldn’t simply because they reboot crap so constantly it’s gotta be impossible to keep any sort of timeline or relationships straight in your head.

If there’s any Marvel fans reading this, how do you feel about the relaunch?


A Selection of Sci-Fi and Horror Graphic Novels Out February 14th

The Graphic Novels Out Now Weekly banner

A selection of some of the most interesting looking sci-fi and horror graphic novels out now, February 14th, 2018.

Only three of them this time. Sorry, folks, blame the graphic novel publishers who can’t seem to get away from super hero and fantasy tripe.

(If you’re looking for Marvel or DC comics, you’re probably looking in the wrong place.)

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Book cover for Cold War 1

Cold War #1

The idea of cryogenics fascinates me, and whenever I see it pop up in science fiction, I tend to end up checking it out. This is essentially how the We Are Bob series starts, and I loved it. Curious to see what Chris Sebela will do here.

Panacea Cryonics offered its customers life after death by keeping their heads frozen until the day technology could rebuild them, free of disease and death. However, as these everyday people from the past are revived, they’re not handed the keys to a new life, but a gun, body armor and an ultimatum. They must fight in a war against unknown opponents for unknown reasons, to secure their place in a brave new world that doesn’t want them around.

From Chris Sebela, writer of Blue Beetle, Kiss/Vampirella and Evolution, and Hayden Sherman, artist of The Few and John Carter The End, comes the story that HAD to be told at AfterShock!

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Book cover for Curse Words 11

Curse Words #11

It’s a platypus in handcuffs. Why is the platypus in handcuffs? Really, this is the only reason I need to want to read this.

“THE HOLE DAMNED WORLD,” Part One The third arc of CURSE WORDS starts here! Wizord has won a mighty victory, but he’s too busy to celebrate—his little pal Margaret has gone missing, and he’s gotta find her before it’s too late! Meanwhile, a deep dive into the history of the strange, savage Hole World begins, with the evil demon Sizzajee as your tour guide.

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The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #29

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #29

I blame the 8 year old. Seriously.  She has a Squirrel Girl obsession, so when she saw me perusing comics, she insisted EVERYONE needed to know that there was a new Squirrel Girl comic coming out.


* For the first time in the HISTORY of comics, we present the color-coded fight we’ve all been waiting for: GREEN (Doreen) ON SILVER (Surfer)!

* And if fighting the Herald of Galactus– a man who literally has the Power Cosmic at his disposal — isn’t enough, Doreen’s got other problems to deal with, including intergalactic scam artists, Drax the Destroyer and LOKI LAUFEYSON.

* FEEL the thrill of the fight! SEE it happen, via artisanally selected images and words juxtaposed in deliberate sequence! HEAR the words in your head via your inner voice as you read them, which when you think about it is kind of weird! All we have to do is write down words on a piece of paper, and suddenly they’re re-created in your mind exactly as we intended. Minds are crazy, and language is EVEN CRAZIER.


A Selection of Sci-Fi and Horror Graphic Novels Out Jan 24

The Graphic Novels Out Now Weekly banner

A selection of some of the most interesting looking sci-fi and horror graphic novels out now, January 24th, 2018.

(If you’re looking for Marvel or DC comics, you’re probably looking in the wrong place.)

*This post contains affiliate links (titles) that help support the site and keep it as free of ads as possible.*

Book cover for Abbot #1

Abbot #1

Honestly? the cover is what got me. Just the kind of stark cover with the African American lady smoking a cigarette and just staring at the viewer like “Yeah? What the eff you want?” But then the synopsis sounded pretty damn good as well.

Hugo Award-nominated novelist Saladin Ahmed (Black Bolt) and artist Sami Kivel? (Beautiful Canvas) present one woman’s search for the truth that destroyed her family. Hard-nosed, chain-smoking tabloid reporter Elena Abbott investigates a series of grisly crimes that the police have ignored. Crimes she knows to be the work of dark occult forces. Forces that took her husband from her. Forces she has sworn to destroy.

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Book cover for Vinegar Teeth 1

Vinegar Teeth #1

Just read the description, and I think you’ll understand why Vinegar Teeth quickly garnered a spot on my pull list for this week. This looks completely ridiculous and I can’t wait to give it a go!

As a human being, Artie Buckle is a grade-A schmuck. But he’s a pretty damn fine cop. Good thing, because Brick City is under siege from its citizenry and only an unlikely partnership with a mysterious, tentacled, extra-dimensional being can put an end to the escalating crime problem. Thing is, there’s a danger far greater than cub scouts robbing banks . . . oh my! Across space and time lies a far greater threat, not only to Brick City but to the world! Holy crap! Can the two get past their differences and save the planet? Well, of course they can, but getting there is gonna be a helluva fun ride.

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Book cover for Meteor Swarm #1

Meteor Swarm #1

Monsters hitching a ride inside meteors crashing to Earth? Gigantic dragonfly things eating us alive? NASA? Gimme. Mine mine mine mine.

While NASA warns of the potentially devastating consequences of a meteor storm closing in on the planet, it’s the horrors that hide inside the falling debris that present the real danger. An unstoppable horde of terrifying space hornets has descended upon Earth and they are going to eat their way through every living thing in their path. This is big screen drive-in grindhouse at its best! Devastating meteor impacts, diabolical alien hordes, and only one person with a chance to end the terror before Earth becomes a hive of swarming death!

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Book cover for Imaginary Fiends

Imaginary Fiends #3

So, this one would require a bit of back-log reading, but it’s only 3 in, so not that bad really. The synopsis for the third issue of Imaginary Fiends made me stop and immediately look up the first issue because I needed a little bit more information. Now I just need to read it.

The first issue introduces the series as thus:

“POLLY PEACHPIT.” Those were the words ten-year-old Brinke Calle said when she was found covered in her own blood by the woods in rural Cannon Falls, MN. Her best friend, Melba, had just attempted to murder her because a spider girl named Polly Peachpit told her to.

Since that day, Melba has spent seven years in a mental health facility. Tomorrow is her eighteenth birthday. Tomorrow, she’ll be transferred to a federal prison. Tomorrow, her real sentence will begin.

That is, until she receives a visit from FBI Agent Virgil Crockett. Crockett explains that there is another world beyond ours, where hungry spectral aliens stalk the minds of the impressionable and weak. These things, called IMPs (Interdimensional Mental Parasites) feed on compliance. They convince hosts to do things for them, and the more they feed, the stronger they become. More IMPs stream into the world each day, invisible to everyone but his or her hosts.

After years of drugs and counseling, Polly and Melba have developed a unique relationship—and to Crockett, this relationship represents something her people can work with. In exchange for release from prison, Crockett asks Melba (and Polly) to serve as IMP hunters. For Melba, it’s a chance to prove that she’s innocent, convinced to murder by a monster…a monster she must now unleash.

Issue 3’s synopsis is much shorter:

Agent Melba Li and her imaginary monster partner, Polly Peachpit, continue their search for a missing child, as a twisted conspiracy unfolds in the small town of Maiden Springs. What is the Fraidy Cat? And how can a woman who lives in fear defeat something that lives on it?

Purchase via Amazon Affiliate Link  (link is for issue one)

A Selection of Sci-Fi and Horror Graphic Novels Out Jan 17

The Graphic Novels Out Now Weekly banner

A selection of some of the most interesting looking sci-fi and horror graphic novels out now, January 17th, 2018.

(If you’re looking for Marvel or DC comics, you’re probably looking in the wrong place.)

*This post contains affiliate links (titles) that help support the site and keep it as free of ads as possible.*

Book cover for 1985 Black Hole Repo #2

1985: Black Hole Repo #2

1985 Black Hole Repo just recently started, and I have to say, it looks quite interesting. Issue 1’s introductory information reads:

Welcome to an alternate 1985 where the space race never slowed down, where the push away from Earth relies on duct tape, analog computers, and unstable solid rocket fuel. It’s the worst. Max, Roach, Doc, and Bear are the dregs of the cosmos. Punks. Losers. Dropouts. They make cash repossessing the starships of deadbeats who don’t make their payments. When they unknowingly jack a mysterious ship, they find themselves thrust into a conflict between the US and USSR. Targeted by American cyborg assassins, mad Soviet agents, Japanese video hackers, and every degenerate space punk bounty hunter between the Earth and Moon, their apolitical nihilistic morals are put to the test, making these losers into unlikely heroes.


Belle Beast Hunter #1 Book cover

Belle: Beast Hunter

I’m not really one for superhero comics, but this type of re-imagining is one I could probably get behind! I admit, I wanna get my hands on Belle Beast Hunter #1

NEW SERIES! NEW HERO! The Grimm Universe is filled with heroes far and wide dealing with threats from vampires, werewolves, corrupt governmental organizations, to ancient orders battling for control of the realms of power. But what lies in the deepest corners of our world could give the evilest creature nightmares. A threat since the beginning of time is rising and only one person will be there to stop it from destroying everything! Working from the shadows a long lineage of warriors have been defending life from the darkness that exists and from that family of soldiers comes the newest ally in the war of monsters, Belle the Beast Hunter! Don’t miss this new series as a new hero is introduced into the Grimm Universe!

Book cover for Days of Hate #1

Days of Hate

Ales Kot is an interesting writer, and doesn’t hold back from voicing his opinions. I’ve just recently been introduced to his work. Days of Hate #1 caught my attention as soon as I saw it because it seems exceedingly relevant to what’s going on in America right now.

The United States of America, 2022.

The loss that ripped them apart drove one into the arms of the police state and the other towards a guerrilla war against the white supremacy. Now they meet again. This is a story of a war

Book cover for Under #2

Under #2 (Under: Scourge of the Sewers)

I read and reviewed the first issue in this series, and thought it was awesome! Been waiting for Under #2 to come out. Can’t wait to get my hands on it!

Some people bury their secrets underground. In Megalopolis, the dirt flows into the sewers. LT Wilson Jericho, disgraced from his position above ground and now an officer in the sewer police, thinks he knows everything there is to know about what lies beneath. But scientist Sandra Yeatman is determined to discover the truth behind the legends, and something is threatening to crawl out and rip the city apart…

Book cover for Pestilence Vol 1

Zombies! Pestilence Vol 1 (TP) is about the first non-recorded outbreak of zombies in history, and I think that’s just enough of an interesting alternate history for me to go “Gimme!”

It is the late 14th Century, and a Great Pestilence—the “Black Death”— is sweeping across Europe, killing over 100 million people. BUT, what if history as we know it was a lie? What if, in reality, this was no straightforward plague, but the FIRST non-recorded Zombie Infestation of man? Ex-Crusader Roderick Helms and his fellow “black ops” agents the Church, Fiat Lux, must seek out the cause of this undead outbreak and vanquish it before mankind ceases to exist!

What are some of you guys and gals favorite graphic novels? Do you have any horror recommendations (or sci-fi) for me?

Under: Scourge of the Sewers #1 by Christopher Bec #BookReview

Title: Under: Scourge of the Sewers | Series: Under #1 | Writer: Christopher Bec | Illustrator: Stefano Raffaelo | Publisher: Titan Comics | Pub. Date: 2017-12-13 | Pages: 53 | Ages: 17+ | Genre: Horror | Language: English | Triggers: Big honkin’ spiders, (potentially) dead baby | Rating: 4 out of 5 | Source: Received a copy from the publisher for review consideration | Includes: 2 art preview pages!

Under: Scourge of the Sewers #1

Classic B-movie horror! Some people bury their secrets underground. In megalopolis, the filth flows into the sewers. Lt. Wilson Jericho, disgraced above ground and busted down to an officer in the Sewer Police, thinks he knows everything there is to know about what lies beneath. But scientist Sandra Yeatman is determined to discover the truth behind the urban legends – and prove that something monstrous will soon crawl out and rip the city apart!n“Great and wise entertainment! If the French nouvelle vague made a Troma movie, this would be it… except it is much more engrossing!” – Lloyd Kaufman, Troma Director

Under #1 Cover

Under: Scourge of the Sewers #1 Review

To put it plainly: I really liked this. I thought the art was great, I loved the way it felt like I could get lost in the characters’ eyes in certain panels. I felt like the colors complemented the illustrations perfectly. I have never read anything from Christopher Bec or Steffano Rafaello before, but Under: Scourge of the Sewers #1 put them both high on my list to check out again. The storyline itself isn’t anything new, but its interesting nonetheless. I love almost anything that dabbled in cryptozoology, and the classics like “Alligators in the sewers” beg to be written about in one form or another.  

The panels were easy to follow. Always a plus. The dialogue was solid. The gigantic sewer alligator (pictured below in the 2nd art page) made me obscenely happy. The action was well communicated. The characters that we are introduced to have the potential to be interesting. The main male character, Jericho, has a fairly typical pain-death-trauma in his background, so I didn’t care much about him. However, the female, Dr. Yeatman, I almost instantly liked. She’s curious, nerdy, and unafraid to get her hands dirty, but at the same time isn’t above squeaking and stomping something to death. It makes her fun to read about.

It was an enjoyable reading experience from beginning to end. Well, almost. I say ‘almost’ only because the last few panels were really disturbing. Part of me is curious where they’re going with it, and part of me really doesn’t want to know!

Overall, I think they have a good thing starting in Under. I think Under: Scourge of the Sewers #1 was a great beginning, and I already can’t wait for the next issue to come out. 

Under: Scourge of Sewer #1 is on sale today!

Buy Link: Amazon


Art from Under: Scourge of the Sewer #1 Art from Under: Scourge of the Sewer #1

10 Horror Graphic Novels to Read in October

A banner with the words The Top Ten Tuesday List on it.The prompt for this week’s Top Ten Tuesday was supposed to be Top Ten Book Boyfriend/Girlfriends, but it’s October and we’re not doing mushy. So, today we’re going to focus on horror-themed comic books / graphic novels.

The first five are books that we’ve recently come across. Didn’t have a clue they existed, but something about them drew our eye. The Veil and Born in Hell are both horror-mysteries. The Pound looks like it would be a wild ride. Arkham Woods was selected because, well, Arkham. And tentacles. The tentacles definitely had something to do with it. Really don’t have any good reason for choosing the Grim Leaper other than sometimes twisted romances can be fun to read about.

The second set of five are book series that we’ve read some of already and definitely enjoyed.



The Veil

Written by El Torres | Art by Gabriel Hernandez Walta

Meet Chris Luna, a cheap private eye with a client list of the dearly departed. Chris has the unique ability to sometimes pierce through The Veil between our realm and the unknown beyond. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really pay the rent. Now Chris is broke and has to return home to Maine… and face the darkness that now lurks beneath the surface of her quiet hometown.

Book cover for The Veil

Purchase on Amazon


The Pound Vol 1

Written by Stephan Nilson | Art by Ibrahim Moustafa

What do two, unemployed, municipal animal control specialists do when their city is infested with monsters? They open a facility, “The Pound,” dedicated to the capture and rehabilitation of unregistered monsters. What they don’t realize is their community service is putting a serious kink in the original four monsters’ plans for all-out Armageddon!

Book cover for The Pound

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Arkham Woods

Written by Christopher Rowley | Art by Jhomar Soriano

Kirsti Rivers is an L.A. teenager suddenly transplanted to the small New England town of Arkham Woods. Kirsti and her mom, Victoria, are tasked with clearing out and selling the old house left to them by Silas Scadmore, Victoria’s eccentric uncle. But from the hidden recesses of the house, Kirsti and her friends unwittingly unleash and ancient evil that could spell the end of the world — unless they can find a way to stop it first!

Book cover for Arkham Woods

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Born in Hell

Written by Valentin Ramon | Art by Ferran Xalabarder

By the end of the Thirties, with the world one step close to the most terrible war, three characters, seemingly with nothing in common, find themselves implicated in a complex intrigue which will push them to the very limits of sanity. Joe Colter, a tough private eye looking for an urn, Max Conrad, an FBI agent looking for a missing comrade, and Juiette Smith, a luxury prostitute looking for her missing friend, are the three legs of a story which will lead them to a true meeting in the real kitchen of hell.

Book cover for Born in Hell

Purchase from Comixology


Grim Leaper

Written by Kurtis J. Wiebe | Art by Alusio C. Santos

In death, he finally found something to live for. Lou Collins is caught in a cyclical curse of violent, gruesome deaths and new beginnings in the bodies of strangers. With no clue why, Lou desperately searches for a way to break the curse and cross over peacefully to the other side. Then equally doomed Ella comes along. It’s a love story to die for.

Book cover for Grim Leaper

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Small Sci-Fi and Scary Divider

’68 Vol 1: Better Run Through the Jungle

Written by Mark Kidwell | Art by Nat Jones, Tim Vigil

There are zombies in the razorwire. Welcome to 1968– and the end of the world. From the steaming jungles of Viet Nam to the brightly lit campus of demonstration-torn Berkeley, California, ravenous hordes of unstoppable ghouls are changing the face of the Age of Aquarius. Collected for the first time, this 178-page collection re-presents the first four-issue story arc from the ’68 ongoing series, along with the re-colored and re-lettered original one-shot from 2006! Plus, creators MARK KIDWELL, NAT JONES and JAY FOTOS have included tons of behind-the-scenes extras to make this a must-have for zombie and horror fans everywhere!

Book cover for 68 Vol 1

I have no interest in wars, but when you add zombies into the mix, I’m definitely willing to have a look. ’68 was an interesting read.

Purchase on Amazon


28 Days Later

Written by Michael Alan Nelson | Art by Alejandro Aragon, Pablo Peppino, Ron Salas, Declan Shalvey

The film that changed horror forever continues here! Selena and her new comrades struggle against the infected, the American presence in the UK and themselves. Selena is a survivor but even she must give pause when the mission has her breaking into the land she fought so hard to get out of.

Book cover for 28 Days Later: Omnibus

I loved the 28 Days Later movie, so when I saw this on Comixology, I was half-tempted, half-scared to check it out. Luckily what I read (not all of it was available on Comixology Unlimited) was well-drawn and worth checking out.

Purchase on Amazon


The Dunwich Horror

Written by Joe R. Lansdale | Art by menton3, Peter Bergting

H.P. Lovecraft is known as one of the key founders of modern horror, cited as a major influence by many prominent authors, such as Stephen King. In collaboration with renowned Lovecraft historian and literary caretaker Robert Weinberg, IDW is bringing you the definitive Lovecraft comics updated for a 21st century audience. This unique series begins by adapting classic Lovecraft tale “The Dunwich Horror” by fright-master Joe R. Lansdale (30 Days of Night: Night, Again) and Peter Bergting (D&D: Dark Sun).

Book cover for The Dunwich Horror

I think I actually started this before I’d tried to seriously read anything else from H.P. Lovecraft. The first volume was definitely creepy and caught my attention.

Purchase on Amazon


The Twilight Zone Vol 1

Written by J. Michael Straczynski | Art by Guiu Vilanova

From the mind of J. Michael Straczynski, Hugo Award-winning creator of Babylon 5 and writer for the blockbuster films Thor, Changeling, and World War Z! Trevor Richmond is a Wall Street investor who embezzled millions and is about to tank the economy. Desperate to avoid the consequences for his actions, he goes to Expedited Services, which offers to help him disappear and enjoy a life of leisure in a new identity. But what exactly is this new life, how much is freedom worth, and what happens to the old life when someone else shows up to claim it? This captivating first volume will push the boundaries of The Twilight Zone into new and uncharted territory – a journey that will travel into the past and the future, into murder and revenge, and finally into the sunrise of nuclear Armageddon!

Book cover for The Twilight Zone Vol 1

The art isn’t exceptional, but it fits the story perfectly. And the way the story is told does instantly put you right into the Twilight Zone. Think it’s something you must check out if you’re a fan of the TV series.

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Whispers in the Walls Vol 1: Sarah

Written by David Munoz | Art by Tirso

Somewhere in post WWII Central Europe exists an orphanage where children having survived a mysterious, transformative virus are admitted. Czechoslovakia, 1949. What Evil lurks within the walls of an ancient children’s infirmary? After the brutal murder of her parents, Sarah, a young orphan, is about to discover that and much more. From long-buried secrets to imminent battles, the fate of man, and monster, lie with young Sarah. A gothic tale of horror from David Muñoz (co-writer of Guillermo Del Toro’s The Devil’s Backbone film) and artist Tirso.

Book cover for Whispers in the Walls Vol 1: Sarah

This is another case where I wasn’t a huge fan of the art itself, but I liked the way the story was told. The color choice is nice as well. The story opens with a nearly wordless sequence of several pages that sets the mood properly and then leaps right into Sarah’s story itself.

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Well, there you have it. If you’re a fan of graphic novels, you might want to consider giving these a try. (And please remember, Sci-Fi & Scary is an Amazon Affiliate, so we do earn a small percentage if you choose to purchase using the buy links. Helps pay server costs and the like.)

What do you think of horror movies getting adapted into graphic novels? I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed 28 Days Later. They kept the main character feeling very true to form from the movie.

Would you be interested in seeing a book like IT get made into a graphic novel?


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Channel Evil Vol 1 by Alan Grant #BookReview

Title: Channel Evil | Volume 1:  Collects all 4 Issues | Author: Alan Grant | Illustrator: Shane Oakley | Publisher: Renegade Arts Entertainment | Pub. Date: 2014-12-10 | Pages: 126 | Genre: Horror | Language: English | Triggers: None | Rating: 3 out of 5 | Source: ComiXology Unlimited |

Channel Evil

Jez Manson is on the road to success, his chat show ratings are going through the roof, he has a beautiful girlfriend and the world of entertainment at his feet. Unfortunately it’s all been built on the power of an ancient God intent on using Jez as a way to unleash chaos on humanity. – Goodreads

Note: This was a 4 issue series that has been collected into a single volume.

Book cover for Channel Evil Vol 1


Channel Evil Review


The first issue of Channel Evil, Don’t Touch That Dial, just introduced us to the main characters, got him channeling, and hinted at what might come. Death and destruction was kept to a pretty small scale for what I thought would happen. Jez Manson is a completely unlikable character. I found myself pretty much hoping immediately that something horrible would happen to him.

The second issue, Chamber of Horrors, really started to step things up. (Well, you get that sense at least, even though very little actually happens.)  I still didn’t like Jez. He proved himself a coward. He knew what was happening was wrong, and continued to go forth with it anyways. I definitely wanted to reach through the pages and slap some sense into him. Still, nothing stands out as remarkable, though.

The third issue, The Price of Fame, tried to tie Pagan and Christian religion together. It didn’t have the same sense of mounting urgency that the second issue had. While I’m still wasn’t a fan of Jez, it became obvious that Fast Mick was the dangerous one of the bunch. It’s amazing how through just a few illustrations and less than a full page of text, you can dislike a fellow so much you want to rip his bits off.

The fourth issue, Remote Control finally saw some positive action happening. About time! Of course, this is the issue in which the feces finally hit the fan, too.  Things moved swiftly and a few of the panels were difficult to follow. Still, it’s enough to get the gist of what happens and… I was left unsatisfied. Channel Evil felt like it had potential to be awesome, but just couldn’t quite get there.

The art was interesting but not attractive. I like clean lines and simple colors in general, but apparently not when it comes to comics. The patchy artwork with bold lines and shades of gray didn’t really keep my attention. Also, it was hard to follow what was going on in some of the action sequences.  I found it was very easy to zoom through Channel Evil. I had no desire to take my time with it and savor it like I have some of the other graphic novels I’ve read lately. Though I will say that the artist was very good at conveying the dream sequences and possession with surreal artwork. There was one or two panels in the third issue that I really liked.

There is an additional short story included, An Evening with Ba’al, which is drawn by D’israeli. (I have no clue who this is, but apparently s/he is “one name” famous.) I liked the art a bit better in the short story. There’s one panel where Ba’al rather resembles a naked cat that had me snickering. This one was amusing in the sort of ‘I wanna slap you’ way that you start feeling when someone with a $300,000.00 house and brand new car starts talking about how poor they are.

Channel Evil is definitely a teen+ read. Curse words are used very casually in this book. In fact, the sheer amount that Ba’al curses diminishes the scariness factor he had going on at first. F-bombs don’t exactly make people feel menacing. Overall, I can’t say I was a big fan of Channel Evil. It had potential, but nothing really stood out about it. And it’s the first graphic novel in a long time that gave me a headache from reading it. I’m not sure why. I’m not eager to pick up any more work from this artist or author, but would encourage you to check it out and see for yourself. It might be right up your alley.

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5 Graphic Novel Versions of Classic Science Fiction and Horror Tales for Kids

It can be hard to get kids to sit down and read classic novels. The wording can be a bit dense, and the descriptions aren’t the most exciting. And often times they don’t even realize that movies they’ve seen and liked were adaptations of classic works.

Luckily, for those of us with little comic book readers on our hands, there are graphic novel adaptations of some our favorite classic novels available. And they’re for kids, too. Maybe we can hook them with these 5 graphic novel versions of classic science fiction and horror tales, and introduce them to the full versions of the stories they like the best? (btw, click on the covers to visit their Goodreads pages)

5 Graphic Novel Versions of Classic Science Fiction and Horror Tales for Kids

Graphic Novel Versions of Classic Science Fiction and Horror Journey to the Center of the Earth  is obviously a super simple version of the story (I kind of feel it’s missing a bit too much, actually..) But..it is definitely kid-approved. My little monkey caught site of what I was reading, and suddenly we were delving into it together.

She told me: “The only thing that would make it better is if it was longer and they went on another adventure!”

Pages: 32

ISBN13: 9781616412524



Graphic Novel Versions of Classic Science Fiction and Horror

The War of the Worlds is 48 pages long and is a bit more vivid and ‘busy’ than Journey to the Center of the Earth is. It’s been around for a while (how am I just now discovering these?). Its interest level is perfect for 9-12-year-olds.

Pages: 48





Graphic Novel Versions of Classic Science Fiction and Horror I loved the illustrations in this version of The Invisible Man. Definitely my favorite out of the ones on the list. It got the basic story across well, and I could see how it might actually nicely creep kids out a little bit.

Pages: 34

ISBN13: 9781616412517





Graphic Novel Versions of Classic Science Fiction and Horror

Okay, so the graphic novel version of A Wrinkle in Time is considerably longer than the other ones that I’ve mentioned so far. However, I think it’d be totally worth it. The kiddos might not be able to read this one all in one sitting, but you could easily make it a bedtime deal with them.

Pages: 392

ISBN13: 9780374386153




Graphic Novel versions of science fiction and horror classics for kids This graphic novel version of Dracula is novella length and has received lots of positive reviews -including many from teachers for its faithful adaptation of the source work. It’s also got some of the most original illustrations out of this batch.

Pages: 192

ISBN13: 9781402731525