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Hush by Dylan Farrow #BookReview

Graceling meets Red Queen in this exciting debut novel by an electrifying new voice “Hush has all the trappings of a great fantasy: a curse, a labyrinthine castle, many…

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Blog Tour: Mayhem by Estelle Laure #BookReview

It’s 1987 and unfortunately it’s not all Madonna and cherry lip balm. Mayhem Brayburn has always known there was something off about her and her…

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Cricket Hunters by Jeremy Hepler #BookReview

Celia (Garcia) Lundy was fifteen in the fall of 1998 when Abby Powell, one of her five friends who called themselves the Cricket Hunters, disappeared…

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The Only Good Indians by Stephen Graham Jones #BookReview

The creeping horror of Paul Tremblay meets Tommy Orange’s There There in a dark novel of revenge, cultural identity, and the cost of breaking from…


The Pale White by Chad Lutzke #BookReview

After being held against their will in a house used for sex trafficking, three girls plan their escape. Alex: A hardened goth-punk who’s convinced she’s…

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True Crime by Samantha Kolesnik #BookReview

Suzy and her brother, Lim, live with their abusive mother in a town where the stars don’t shine at night. Once the abuse becomes too…

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Last Ones Left Alive by Sarah Davis-Goff #BookReview

Remember your just-in-cases. Beware tall buildings. Always have your knives. Raised in isolation by her mother and Maeve on a small island off the coast…


Mongrels by Stephen Graham Jones #BookReview

A spellbinding and darkly humorous coming-of-age story about an unusual boy whose family lives on the fringes of society and struggles to survive in a…

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Itzá by Rios de la Luz #bookreview

Itzá In her debut novella, Rios de la Luz examines the lives a small family of water witches living near the US-Mexico border. Exploring issues…

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The Same Deep Water as You by Chad Lutzke #BookReview

Music, beer, skateboarding, and tragedy star in this coming-of-age lesson on love and lust and the line that divides them, as 19-year-old Jex experiences a…

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