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Haunted High-Ons: The Darkness Rises #ComicReview

Upon learning that ghosts and demons are real, rap stars Madrox and Monoxide (collectively known as Twiztid) have begun to take the idea of ghost…

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The Wrath of Fantômas by Olivier Bocquet and Julie Rocheleau #BookReview

The place? Paris. The year? 1911. The scene? An execution. Fantômas, the most popular villain of French literature, the ruthless master of crime and terror…

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Three Non-Superhero Comics to Read With Your Kids

I don’t know about you, but one of the things I don’t have any interest in reading about in comic books is… super-heroes. So, of…

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Skin Deep/Ordinary Monsters #BookReview

Skin Deep / Ordinary Monsters What happens when an overbearing family drives a teenage girl into the arms of a mysterious, pale stranger? How can…

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Kids Corner: A Love Affair with Calvin and Hobbes

Miss L LOVES Calvin and Hobbes. Just outright loves them. I will be sitting down in the living room sometimes at night, and though she’s…

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Vested Interest – a Whiteouts Comic by Paul White

August 22, 2015. I love a pun, so when I saw this one, I definitely snickered into my coffee and immediately asked permission to share it.…

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