The Instagrammed Week (1/23)

Top Left: Posey snoozing with The History Major. Top Right: Miss L hanging out with one of her grammas for dinner. Middle Right: Even overgrown pooches need some blanket cuddle time too! Bottom Right: Holy crap! All three of them! All three cats together in one picture! Bottom middle-right: Miss L working on basic code-breaking. Bottom middle-left: Gamer girl playing MarioKart 8. Bottom Left: A snap from bedtime reading with Miss L.

Fanciful Friday: The Swan

For some reason this ran yesterday, but I pulled it down right quick for the obvious reason.

Here we go, today.



©FightingtimePhotography 2015

Fanciful Fridays: Badminton in the Forest


One of my favorite pictures of Miss L, even though it really makes no sense looking at it.  – Picture ©fightingtimephotography

Fanciful Friday: Powderpuff


Not one of my more popular ones, but I like it. So Nyer!

Fanciful Fridays: Fun with Photo Manipulation


I’m actually insanely proud of how much I changed Miss L’s looks here.

Fanciful Fridays: 50’s Inspired Cooking Session


Made me smile just browsing past pictures and coming across these.

Fanciful Fridays: Fierce

Took this picture last year. Still love it. She did so great in front of the camera!


©Fighting Time Photography

Fanciful Fridays: Near the Fruit Farm

Took this from the car on the way to pick apples last year.

Fanciful Fridays: Film Noir Shoot

From a shoot with my partner a year or so ago.

Fanciful Fridays: Ticked Off Tot

The Ticked Off Tot

The Ticked Off Tot

…actually, she’s not mad. She was happily participating in taking pictures, and obeying me. So when I told her to cross her arms and lean forward, she did so. Then I told her to put her lips together (she’s a mouth breather) and this is what I got.

I love it!

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