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Sweet Home #Webtoon Review

Title: Sweet Home | Author: Youngchan Hwang | Illustrator: Carnby Kim | Pub. Start: 01/15/2018 | Current Episodes: 13 | Genre: Thriller/Horror Webtoon | Triggers: Car accident, thoughts of self-harm and suicide | Rating: 4 out of 5 | Source: Webtoon App

A reclusive high school student is suddenly forced to leave his home due to an unexpected turn of events.

Sweet Home is a running Webtoon on the Webtoon app*. Reading a Webtoon is like reading a graphic novel or mange but in a comic strip style. I think anyone can make one and upload it. I like the Webtoon app because it has a huge selection of stories and art styles to choose from. There are a few pros and cons to it, though.

The Webtoons are scheduled so you know when the next one is coming out.
There is a good variety to choose from
The way they’re grouped makes it easy to find what genre you like the best
You can search by Webtoon name or author or illustrator

Having to wait for the next episode to come out if it’s a running Webtoon
Sometimes it can be hard to tell if the content will be graphic until you’re actually reading it

I found Sweet Home because the author and illustrator did another Webtoon that I liked very much. I can’t really name it here but it is a really good one. Sweet Home is an online comic that has different levels of “What!?” Such as “What do you mean?”  “What the heck!?” And, most of all, “What!? That’s how they ended that episode!?” Cliffhangers are everywhere.

The story follows a character whose family has just died. However, he is a hermit, depressed and suicidal and it does not seem to affect him emotionally. Your first impressions of him…aren’t great. He’s locked in a room and only talks to his mother through texting and another view of him is at his family’s funeral where he’s angry that he doesn’t have enough money to live on. But the author is very good at giving you characters that can be unpleasant but you still want to know what will happen to them and follow them in their story. Since the insurance money will only take him so far ( a job never occurs to him) he plans to kill himself on the date which his money will run out on. However, before he can go through with it people start getting turned into abominations that can only be described as demons. He is still human yet has the effects of the disease that turns them into demons. So he gets the powers they have but remains human.  Throughout the series he thinks a lot about suicide but his actions show that he wants to live. He’s a very complex character. He is more than a cardboard cutout with just one facet and one emotion. There are less than 20 episodes right now and I cannot wait to continue it. It’s a great comic to pick up. If you have problems with depression, though, I wouldn’t recommend it. It can get very dark.

I like the art style as well. It’s slightly different than the art style for the other comic that I like. It fits the tone of this comic perfectly and I’m impressed that the illustrator can do different styles for different stories. I would recommend Sweet Home (besides the above conditions) and the Webtoon app in general. I think it’s best suited for teens more than smaller kids, though. Unless there was strict parental supervision as some of the stories can be quite graphic.

*We have no connection with Webtoon other than enjoying its comics. We have no financial or other interest in the app

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