Stung Review (Creature Feature)

Stung Review Stung Synopsis: A fancy garden party turns into upper class prey when a colony of killer wasps mutates into seven foot tall predators.
Tagline: The ultimate buzzkill.
MPAA Rating: Not Rated | Release Date: 2015-7-3 | Coolthulhus Earned: 4
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Stung Review

Stung is almost creature feature perfection. It doesn’t take itself too seriously. The movie doesn’t act like it’s trying to be funnier than it has the right to be. It’s actually decently shot. Lance Henriksen, who is pretty much the king of these type of movies, is in it. Within minutes of renting it, I turned to my partner and said “I’m delighted with this choice!” (Yes, I phrased it exactly like that. Yes, you can laugh at me. I use whilst in sentences on here, for FSM’s sake!)

The basis of the movie is exceedingly simple. There’s this dinner party the two main characters are catering. The guy, played by Matt O’Leary, notices the wasps fairly early on, but doesn’t think too much of it. Everything’s ‘hi, how are you’ and ‘I like the way you hold that bottle’ until suddenly… Bzzzt! Suddenly people are running, dying, and hiding (albeit not in that particular order necessarily.) It’s not too long into the action happening when my partner said “How’s this only have a five?” [5/10 rating on IMDB]. Though, to be fair, there’s one scene in there that’s going to offend at least one person. Even I went a bit agoggle over it. Made it even funnier to watch the dude die later, though.

My favorite part in the early parts of the film is where these gigantic wasps are flying around, and everyone’s in a panic. Everyone, that is, except for Henriksen’s character, who picks up a drink like “Eh, screw this.” There’s also this two-headed scene near the end that you know is coming, but you still love. It’s of the “Here it comes! Here it comes!” *pause to appreciate the corniness* “Yesssssss!” level of awesomeness. Whilst the overall plot is predictable, Stung actually managed to surprise me a few times. All the deaths are either cringingly gruesome or oh-my-god-that’s-ridiculous funny.  The ending left me in absolute stitches, because I’d called it, and my partner had poo-poo’d the idea. I was right!

Basically, if you’re a fan of creature feature films, you need to watch Stung. It wasn’t quite as perfect as Roboshark, but it came extremely close!

If it sounds as awesome to you as it did to me, check it on Amazon now.4 Star Rated Stung Review


Title: Stung | Director: Benni Diez | Actors:  Matt O’Leary, Jessica Cook, Lance Henriksen | Production Cos:  Rat Pack Filmproduktion, XYZ Films | Release Date: 2015-7-3 | Genres: Horror & Comedy | Language: English | Triggers: Spheksophobia | MPAA Rating: Unrated | Rating: 4 out of 5

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