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Social Justice Warrior Snuff Film by Mandy De Sandra #BookReview

At first, people didn’t think the videos were real. They thought they were deep fakes of conservative & alt-right YouTube stars getting brutally tortured and murdered by a rogue ANTIFA. But the bodies and people were real and the media christened the videos as Social Justice Warrior Snuff Films.

Star of the New Right, Dr. Gerald C. Peters, knows he could be the next victim. But Dr. Peters is a man with a Jungian code of bravery. He goes to the media to condemn them for sharing the brutal snuff films made by a killer labelled as the ANTIFA Snuffer. Peters knows that like lobsters, the human world is hierarchical and he must turn to those with power to protect him.

Dr. Peters agrees to meet with the biggest names in Conservative entertainment and their billionaire patrons to stop the horrific killings, but the ANTIFA Snuffer finds them first and forces them to partake in their mental and physical torture masterpiece Social Justice Warrior Snuff Film.

Social Justice Warrior Snuff Film by Mandy De Sandra book cover

Title: Social Justice Warrior Snuff Film | Author: Mandy De Sandra | Publisher: Demiurge Press | Pub. Date: 8 November 2019 | Pages: 104 | ASIN: B0818B7YBV | Genre: Bizarro | Language: English | Starred Review: No | Source: Self-purchased

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Social Justice Warrior Snuff Film Review

I guess that by definition, bizarro fiction shouldn’t be for everyone. If it was, then you could probably argue that it wasn’t being edgy enough. ‘Social Justice Warrior Snuff Film’ succeeds then, because it certainly wasn’t for me. I love the idea of weird and transgressive fiction, but like so much these days I find the books don’t always live up to their titles (Mandy De Sandra also wrote ‘Giantess Globalist Sperm War’, maybe that’s better).

Like a lot of such books, ‘Social Justice Warrior Snuff Film’ takes the Ronseal approach to literature and is about a social justice warrior making a snuff film. The mysterious killer is kidnapping alt-right celebrities and commentators, then torturing and murdering them on camera. The book follows one such victim, YouTuber Dr Gerald Peters, as he is taken and subjected to unspeakable horrors alongside a number of other right-wingers.

As you’d probably expect, it’s all really horrible. The violence is graphic and unrelenting and seemingly without point. The book is clearly trying to be satirical, but whatever actual message it might hold was completely lost on me. I suspect a further draft might have teased things out a bit more, but as it is it feels really rushed. So much so in fact that when I copied the summary from GoodReads for this review, Word picked up on a number of typos in it.

A clue to all of this may be the fact that author Mandy De Sandra is, it turns out, an invention. A pseudonym created by budding author and journalist Christoph Paul to publish quick and dirty erotica and bizarro fiction after he cottoned on to it being a good money maker and a way to practice his craft. This realisation followed him interviewing one of two college students who’d made a healthy sum publishing dinosaur porn. That fact doesn’t automatically make this a bad book, but it does go some way to explaining the attention grabbing title.  

You can find Social Justice Warrior Snuff Film at many retailers via clicking on the appropriate link on Goodreads (Buying direct from retailers is a good way to support indie authors); however, in the spirit of supporting literacy programs, we would like to point out that you may be able to purchase this book through BetterWorldBooks.

Content Warning:

Scenes of torture

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  1. Wow, this sounds pretty terrible. Sorry you had to read this.

  2. That’s a really good review! Especially the reveal at the end 🙂

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