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Slumber Party Massacre (2021) #MovieReview

A slumber party turns into a bloodbath, as a psychotic serial killer wielding a power drill disrupts the fun.

Release Date: October 2021 | Runtime: 1hr 30minDirectorDanishka Esterhazy | Genre: Horror | Source: Streaming (Crave) | Starred Review

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Slumber Party Massacre Review

If you’re at all a fan of 80s slasher flicks, chances are probably good that you’ve seen the cult classic Slumber Party Massacre (1982) and its sequels. Chances are also probably decent that you’re getting tired of the endless remakes, reboots, and sequels to 80s horror movies that seem to be running rampant the past few years. Fear not, for this one is actually worth your time!

This isn’t a straight remake of the original Slumber Party Massacre, but it isn’t quite a direct sequel either. It falls somewhere between a reboot and a spiritual sequel. We kick things off at a secluded lake house in 1993, where the Driller Killer shows up to do his drilly, killy thing to some high school girls who are – you guessed it – having a slumber party. One of the girls survives, and we cut to the present day, when her teenage daughter is heading out for a girls’ weekend of her own. But of course things don’t quite pan out, and soon the girls are back at Dana’s mother’s old stomping grounds…

This movie is way smarter than it has any right to be. It knows exactly what it is, and it doesn’t shy away from giving the viewer the kinds of kills you’d expect from this kind of movie, but not before turning as many tropes on their heads as possible. There’s one particular slumber party scene that had me absolutely cracking up; it was simultaneously exactly the stereotypical pillow fight so many of these 80s slashers loved, while being entirely unexpected. And the film just continues to showcase these moments of going totally against the grain while still delivering on all the usual highlights. There are also plenty of nods to the original series and – always important in a slasher – the kills are top-notch with just the right amount of gooey gore.

The cast is also phenomenal here. Rob van Vuuren channels some serious OG Russ Thorne energy, right down to the mannerisms of the character. All five of the women do a terrific job as the main slumber party-goers, but Hannah Gonera is great in the lead role of Dana. She’s clever and brave, but it never feels unrealistic (or, at least not any less realistic than anything else happening here). 

Fans of the original will find very little to complain about here, as it respects the campy, gory fun of the series while putting its own unique spin on the material. Slumber Party Massacre is an absolute blast to watch!

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