Share the Love #5: Anxiety Disorders to Creepy Art

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Share the Love is a new-ish weekly meme started by Books that Hook. The goal is simple – share 10 great posts from other bloggers each week. It helps increase their SEO, exposes them to more people, and is just generally a nice thing to do. So here we go! I also like it because it will give me a chance to share reviews for books that I won’t personally touch.

From Anxiety Disorders to Creepy Art – Share the Love!

This AWESOME post on loving horror when you have an anxiety disorder from Book Riot

This great look back on the, uhm, not so awesome monsters of yester-year movies.

This great post from Ada Palmer on why she, as a historian, prefers to write sci-fi and fantasy on The Book Smugglers

This tutorial on making a (kind-of) origami Unicorn bookmark from RedTedArt

This review of The Darkness from WasItScaryThough

These super easy recipes for healthy snacks involving cottage cheese from foodfaithfitness because …yum!

The truth in this post on Why Book Lovers Feel More from HangingWithAmanda

This painfully truthful and yet amusing piece on short blurbs from The PlotBoiler

This Close But No Cigar Pun from Pun and Games

This very creepy art from Cordelia’s Dread


So there you go. I hope you take a minute to check out the links and Share the Love! Us bloggers and such have to support each other, right? The anxiety disorders one meant a lot to me because people often wonder just how I can read all the horror that I do, and it’s hard to explain that it actually soothes me in a way. So, even if this wasn’t quite the same thing, it kind of gets the idea across.

Do you have any links you’d like me to check out and consider for my next Share the Love session? Feel free to leave them below in your comments.




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