Share the Love #3: I want my daughter to know…

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Share the Love is a new-ish weekly meme started by Books that Hook. The goal is simple – share 10 great posts from other bloggers each week. It helps increase their SEO, exposes them to more people, and is just generally a nice thing to do. So here we go! I also like it because it will give me a chance to share reviews for books that I won’t personally touch.

So here’s our 3rd round of:

You Gotta Share the Love and  Check Out:

This post listing the diverse books being published in 2016 from The Book Voyagers.

This article on dysgraphia from  Beyond Disability

This list about 10 Things I Want My Daughter to Know from Scary Mommy.

This article on (Not) Engaging with Disability in SFF by Disability in Kidlit

This bit on Autism from Adventures with Quirky Kids.

This cool poem on Spring from Poets Quill.

This post celebrating puns from PunshineBlog

This bit on Editing Examples from Arthur Macabe

This review of Hush from Let’s Talk Motion Pictures

and finally

This review of Ask Me How I Got Here from Wandering Bark Books.


If you want to participate yourself, leap on in. Its a great way to support fellow bloggers!

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2 Responses to Share the Love #3: I want my daughter to know…

  1. That list of things I want my daughter to know is so key. I love it. Especially the “Don’t worry about your thighs,” (seriously. I love that one, because I think substantive thighs are undervalued.). But on a more serious note, being gentle is a lesson I’ve been learning lately, also spurred by my mother. We’re tough on each other, because we’re both incredibly tough on ourselves– it’s only recently that we’ve adopted a “be gentle with each other and ourselves” rule. It’s helped our relationship so much.

    • Yeah. I want Miss L to never doubt herself or my love for her. Even when I’ve spent a good portion of the day scolding her (she may be a good kid, but she’s seven.) I always do hugs, kisses, and cuddles at night, followed by reinforcing that I’m disappointed in her behavior at times, but never in her.

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