Share the Love #2: From Weapons to the Power of Suggestion

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Share the Love is a new-ish weekly meme started by Books that Hook. The goal is simple – share 10 great posts from other bloggers each week. It helps increase their SEO, exposes them to more people, and is just generally a nice thing to do. So here we go! I also like it because it will give me a chance to share reviews for books that I won’t personally touch.

So here’s our 2nd round of:

You Gotta Share the Love and  Check Out:

This post on Female SF Writers by Amy at Curiouser and Curiouser

This post on medieval fantasy weapons by Mark Piggott

These tips on How to be a Bookworm (when you don’t have the time) from the That’s What She Read blog.

This post on why we need more science fiction in kids’ books from View from the Tesseract

This absurd and awesome looking trailer for The Monster Chronicles I found on

This interesting exploration titled: Fashion, Big Headed Aliens, and P.T. Barnum from Gringa of the Barrio

This post on Significant Special Needs Childrens Books from Hippocampusschoolservices.

This short story E is for Echidna from Star Lit Stories Blog

This review of the “so bad it’s good” Armageddon of the Dead from Pekoeblaze

and finally

This piece on The Power of Suggestion from Tame the Monkey.

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