Share The Love #1: Ten Great Posts from People Besides Me!

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Share the Love is a new-ish weekly meme started by Books that Hook. The goal is simple – share 10 great posts from other bloggers each week. It helps increase their SEO, exposes them to more people, and is just generally a nice thing to do. So here we go! I also like it because it will give me a chance to share reviews for books that I won’t personally touch.

You Gotta Share the Love and  Check Out:

What I’ve Learned from Books I’ve Hated by Brown Books and Green Tea
It made me think. I’ve definitely learned things from books I’ve hated. Plus, she’s just a great blogger.


Burial Rites by Hannah Kent: Book Review by Nerdy Talks
Not the type of book I go for, at all, but the review is really well-written, so read it!


Review of Mike Wu’s Ellie by Beltane Maiden
Great review of a kid’s book. One that’s now on my TBR.


This post about Rath’s Deception by Planetary Defense Command
Showing some indie-author love here!


This interesting piece of flash fiction from The Darker Realms
Its called Spider Girl and it. is. creepy.


This Review of What Ever Happened to Baby Jane by One Movie a Day
Never seen the movie, nor have I heard of the term Hag Horror. Great review, though.


“Does it matter who the author is?” by Adventures of a Bibliophile
A very interesting discussion post!


A Revelation by Johnny Reads
I was kind of ashamed of my answer, but at least I was honest!


A Lengthy Architectural Read by Life Loofah
Sometimes challenges can surprise you!


This The Wicked + The Divine Review by Narratively Raw
Just because I can’t stand graphic novels doesn’t mean they aren’t good.
It just means they give me headaches.


If you want to participate, just  grab the banner and go forth and share the love!

2 thoughts on “Share The Love #1: Ten Great Posts from People Besides Me!

  1. This type of post is a great idea. There’s so much great content out there that I’d love to link to on my blog. I might do that tomorrow in a slight bastardization of the Top Ten Tuesday! Thanks so much for picking one of my pieces!

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