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Sci-Fi & Scary’s “Build Your Own Horror” Box

A banner with the words The Top Ten Tuesday List on it.This Top Ten Tuesday, Broke and Bookish asked us to ask ourselves what “Top Ten Books I Hope Santa Brings” . Well, that’s too easy, and plays into the “Favorite Books” thing, so we did something different instead. Box subscriptions are all the rage, right? But you have to subscribe, and then you get stuff that places found for cheap, and So…

No, we’re not offering subscription boxes. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Having trouble finding something for that budding (or longtime) horror fan in your life? We can, however, offer a helpful guide of stuff to order, toss in a digital (or physical) box and wrap it up. Heck, if you end up getting it all from the same place you’ll get the box for free. Since there are different areas of horror I’ll be adding options for a few different areas of horror. Since you know your Horror Hound (or Horror Puppy) best, feel free to mix and match!

All of these are available on Amazon, because I’m lazy and this is the easiest way to do it for me. Just order everything in and then assemble.

Build Your Own Horror Box for Someone Else’s Tree

Horror Movies:         

Classic Horror – $8.74
Monster Horror – $7.87
Supernatural Horror – $8.57









Small Sci-Fi and Scary Divider

Horror Books:

Classic Horror – $9.99 (Kindle)
Cosmic Horror – $13.73
Supernatural Horror – $7.99









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Video Games:

Classic Survival Horror – $21.53
Ghostly Horror – $33.03
Modern survival Horror – $20.91









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Horror T-Shirts:

Christmas with Freddy & Jason – $23.97
The Massacre Machine – $19.99
The Shining – $19.99









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Funko Mystery Figures – $6.99
CioFo Zombie Horde – $26.99
Lament Configuration Puzzle – $13.99







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We hope these help a bit in your shopping!

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  1. My sister would love this. I bought her a copy of “Paperbacks from Hell” because I wasn’t parting with mine!

    • ROFL! I still haven’t even looked at Paperbacks, but given the good press I’m seeing everywhere, I think I’m going to have to!

    • I don’t blame you, lol. It’s an awesome book!

  2. Now that’s my kind of gift box! LOL I did something similar to this for my son. He loved it.

    • Oh, you actually did one? That’s so cool!!

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