Scariest Horror Villains?


Hello, my name is Lilyn and… I’m a wimp. A complete and utter wimp. I’m the type of person that watches a horror movie late at night, knowing it’ll scare her, and then has to sleep with the light off.  I do it anyways, of course, because I think it’s hilarious, but still! Now, when I was younger, it was pretty much anything scared me straight to sleeping-with-the-lights-on point. As I’ve gotten older, though, I’ve (thankfully!) whittled that down a bit. A little bit. Not much, but some.

Scariest Horror Villains

As you might be able to tell from my TTT: Best Horror Villains of Page & Screen post, there are still several that make me want to hide under the covers. I wanted to give this a little more time though, and ask which one(s) scare you the most? I’m going to write questions and put my answers, but I want everyone to participate in the comments below! Let me know, and don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself. (Lord knows I’m giggling like a doofus writing this.) In fact, I think I’m going to tag a few people!

What’s your pick for scariest horror villain?

Without a doubt, Freddy Krueger. The idea that someone can reach me in my most vulnerable state just makes me want to…

I know Freddy got a bit corny, and now I can watch the movies and laugh at them. I can watch them, and laugh at them, but the idea of Freddy still scares me. I’m sure we’ve all heard those myths about sleeping. You know, if you fall in your dreams and hit bottom, you’ll die in real life, etc. I think that type of myth is around for a reason. We can’t control our dreams, and that scares us. So the fact that a demon could invade them, hunt us in them, and kill us? Pardon me whilst I go buy a years worth of caffeine/ no-doze pills.

Which horror villain used to scare you, but no longer does?

Vampires. I don’t think I need to go into details on why, but just in case..


This dude. This dude is why. Well, I guess more accurately the writer of this series is really responsible, but… Once you glitter, I just snicker.

Has a horror movie villain ever affected your actions in real life?

The shark from Jaws. I mean, I’ve never been a huge fan of the water, but once I saw that movie for the first time? Me and the ocean, we were done.  DONE. When my daughter wanted to go to the beach for her Make-A-Wish trip, I died a little inside. I was eventually able to go into the ocean above my ankles, but I had to be able to touch the bottom the whole time. If I wasn’t able to touch the bottom, even for a second, I freaked out. It didn’t help that there were shark warnings at the beach we went to!! (Even the gif below makes me actually uncomfortable to watch.) Though, to be fair to Mr. Great White, it’s not just sharks that make me scared of the ocean. I also have this petrifying fear of tidal waves!


What’s the scariest movie you saw in theatres?

Oddly, though I don’t count it as nearly the scariest movie I’ve ever seen, my answer is: Paranormal Activity. That movie scared me so bad that I’m surprised my partner didn’t have a ring of bruises encircling his arm by the time we got out of there. It was exceptionally well-done for such a no-budget job. Then, of course, they had to go and sully a good thing by beating the horse until it died, rotted and crumbled to bits.


Zombie, Vampire, or Werewolf – Which one would you rather fight?

Hands down, if I had to go up against one, I’d pick a zombie. They’re the slowest, the dumbest, and the easiest to disable. Between Vampire or Werewolf, though, I think I’d rather go up against the vampire. Evil booger, but maybe I’d at least be able to reason with him over the one with the furry little problem.

Which horror BOOK left a lasting impression on you?

I need to give two answers here. The first isn’t really a horror book to me. Its more of a paranormal dark fantasy. However, it contains demonic possession, so I’m still going to count it. That would be The Spirit Chaser by Kat Mayor. My other answer is probably not hard to guess. I’ve openly talked about my fear of clowns thanks to this particular book! I am, of course, talking about IT by Stephen King.giphy-8

So, there we go. My Scariest Horror Villains. Such a fun list to make for October.

I’d love to see Laurie from list hers! Or Brian from (who is generally awesome about commenting anyways). Or Tracy from . Even if you guys don’t post them as tags, I want to knooooowww. LOL!

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14 Responses to Scariest Horror Villains?

  1. I’m hoping to read IT this month. It’s one of the few Stephen King books I haven’t read. I haven’t seen many horror movies because I don’t have a movie-length attention span, but my favorite book villain is probably Randall Flagg. He’s a creepy dude.

  2. Ahhh, I’ve been called out! I will get to work on my post but I’m a slow poke so it may not be for a few days.

    Gah, that shark had me terrified of the ocean when I was a kid. We saw it at the drive-in and I didn’t sleep well for days.

  3. Scariest horror villians to me are not just Sharks but any creature in the water! Just the thought of not being ablet to see what is in the water has me not going in the water. Not being able to touch the bottom is one thing, but it’s the not being able to see what is in the water with me! Also giant crocs…lol. I laugh at those movies like Lake Placid but just the thought of a huge croc jumping out of the wooded area with those big sharp teeth…shudders.

    The horror kind of werewolves scare me over vampires and of course evil killer clowns are up on that list too! 🙂

  4. Brian Bixby says:

    Now I actually have been killed twice in my dreams … but my subconscious decided it didn’t like that, and retconned the deaths, one into the death of a clone and the other into a transition to another dimension (think Star Trek episodes where this happened).

    It’s probably my acrophobia showing, but two stories about towers creeped me out, and that the villains in the stories could do what they did makes them truly disturbing: E.F. Benson’s “The Room in the Tower” (1912, often anthologized) and Marghanita Laski’s “The Tower” (1955, hard to find, in part because Laski rarely wrote horror).

    • The only time I’ve ever died in a dream, I didn’t actually dream it all the way through to death. When I was really little (we’re talking 5-9 years old), I used to have this persistent recurring dream. I was in the water – and it was a clear blue tropical water with white sand (I’ve never been around water like that), and I’m snorkeling. Just floating around, having a great time. I feel something coming up behind me… I swim as fast as I can for the shore, but I’m obviously not going to make it. The dream always ends as I look back over my shoulder just as this gigantic shark lunges for me.

      It was persistent enough, with so many odd details that I actually wondered when I got older, for a while, about reincarnation!

  5. My post is finally complete. Come tell me what you think. I borrowed your formatting because I’m lazy, hope you don’t mind.

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