The Prometheus Project: Trapped Review

A fantastic alien city buried deep underground. What wonders — and what dangers — is it hiding? Ryan and Regan Resnick have just moved to the world’s most boring place. But when they discover their parents are part of an ultra-secret project called Prometheus they are plunged into a nonstop adventure: one that will be the ultimate test of their wit, courage, and determination. Soon they are under attack and facing hostile alien worlds, alien technology, and unimaginable dangers at every turn. Now, with their mother facing certain death, they must race to solve a seemingly impossible mystery to have any hope of saving her. But if they save their mom, they will have no way to save themselves. . .

Trapped (The Prometheus Project, #1) cover, for use in the review of Trapped on Sci-Fi & Scary

The Prometheus Project: Trapped Review

I picked up this book because I recognized the name of the author and the fact that he’d written some adult novels that I’d really liked. Figured it’d be a nice change of pace to try out his kids books. I’m very glad I did. The Prometheus Project: Trapped is a fantastic book for children and for adults who have a lower reading level. It’s got action, adventure, aliens, and other bits of science fiction that combine together at a rapid pace. The plot is simple, the kids are smart, and some of what they discover is mind-blowing.

I absolutely love the way the author introduces scientific concepts to his readers via the two kids thinking things through, though it does border on info-dumping on occasion. Adults might have trouble with how easily Ryan and Regan think up solutions for problems that they encounter, but given that their parents are geniuses themselves, it’s not entirely unbelievable that they would be able to do what they did.

The plot is a fairly classic one to hook young readers with, the brevity of the book combined with its rapid pace means it’s not a taxing read, and it is the perfect start to a series that grows with your reader. (Each gets longer and more complex.) I highly recommend you add this book to your child’s library immediately, especially if they’re science fiction fans in the making! Buy Trapped now on Amazon.

5 Star Rated Review of Trapped by Douglas Richards

Title: Trapped | Series: The Prometheus Project | Author: Douglas E. Richards (site) | Publisher: Paragon Press (site) | Pub. Date: 2013-11-21 | Pages: 177 | ISBN13: 9780982618417 | Genre(s): Kids Science Fiction | Language: English | Triggers: None | Date Read: 2016-5-20 | Source: Kindle Unlimited