A Review of Easter is Cancelled by Sally Huss

What’s it about?

The Easter Bunny doesn’t feel appreciated, so he cancels Easter. It’s up to the other animals involved, and a special boy, to get Easter put back on again.

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Our Review of Easter is Cancelled

Easter is Cancelled tells the simple story of what happens when the Easter Bunny decides no one appreciates the work he does, and therefore he cancels Easter. However, the Easter Bunny isn’t the only one involved in making Easter happen, and the other animals that are all doing their parts realize quickly that they’ve got a problem on their hands, and seek help for resolving the situation. As usual, there’s a wise old owl who delivers sage advice and sets them on the right path.

The illustrations were lovely. Splashes of Easter-themed colors with thick lines stroked in to give the basic idea of what things look like instantly draw the eye and are wonderful for keeping a child’s attention on the page. We (the 7-year-old and I) liked that all the animals had a part to play, and the idea of geese and swans trying to weave baskets made the little one laugh. The wording used is appropriate for the age-range the book aims for, though I can’t say I’d see an 8-year-old (the max end of the age range) being very interested in the read. However, ages from 2-6 would probably enjoy it thoroughly.

I appreciated that this book lacked any religious mention, and instead told a simple moral tale that anyone from any culture could, I think, appreciate. Overall, it’s an attractive book with a well-told story and one that most kids and adults can appreciate for the life lesson contained within. Worth putting on your shelves.

Side Note (this does not weigh in on the review): This new trend of making the titles super long so that you can put all the key words you want in there is ridiculous and needs to stop.


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Title: Easter is Cancelled | Author: Sally Huss | Illustrator: Sally Huss | Publisher: Self-published | Pub. Date: 2016-1-31 | Pages: 40 | ASIN: B01BCUA3IU | Genre: Children’s Fiction | Language: English | Triggers: None | Rating: 4 out of 5 | Date Read: 2016-3-20| Source: Kindle Promo

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