Reblogged: Why is Dean Koontz Loathed in Such Heinous Fashion?

I came across this a few days ago, and thought it was rather interesting. I have seen a lot of people put down Koontz, and, like the author of this post, I don’t quite understand why. Even though after a certain point, his work lost its appeal to me (I’ll admit I think he’s past his prime), I find it ridiculous that people can’t acknowledge the talent that this man has…AND c’mon, he doesn’t suffer from the ridiculous word bloat that King does!

With that being said, I still don’t understand why Stephen King is regarded as one of the top dogs – if not THE top dog – in the horror field. While I will easily admit that the man has talent, I feel like all his novels would be ten times better if they were cut down to about half their published size. I can barely read him because I just get irritated with the drabble about 1/4th of the way through.

What do you think? King or Koontz?

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I’ve heard the extremely prolific Dean Koontz, author of roughly 100 works (plenty of which were number one sellers) of fiction, bashed to hell and back over the last few years. I’ve heard him labe…

Source: Why is Dean Koontz Loathed in Such Heinous Fashion?

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