After the Cure Review (Post Apocalyptic Horror)

After the CureAfter the Cure: Eight years ago the December Plague swept through the human population of earth. The Infected were driven mad by the disease, becoming violent and cannibalistic, killing even those closest to them without hesitation.

Six years ago, the tiny surviving community of Immune humans found a cure, and the Infected began to wake up and realize what they’d done. And what had been done to them.

Over time, society began to rebuild itself. Now it is ready to judge those responsible for the Plague. Nella Rider, the court psychologist and Frank Courtlen a defense attorney are trying to establish the truth. But more depends on it than they know. They race to find the answers they need before the fragile remains of humanity vanish for good.-Goodreads Synopsis


After the Cure Quick Review

I loved After the Cure. It had such a unique take on the zombie genre, rivaled perhaps only by M.R. Carey’s The Girl with all the Gifts . Even compared to Carey’s book, it’s still in a league of its own. Just read the title. After the Cure. Can you imagine what that would be like for the ‘zombies’? To be cured, but have memories of all the horrible things they did while they were infected? To try to pick up again, to reintegrate into life? How positively horrifying.

Then there’s the research to build a case against the asshats that started it all.  There’s intrigue, twists, horror, and discoveries, all told from the viewpoint of after the world almost ended, but humanity managed to save itself just in the nick of time. …Right? Maybe. After the Cure is unique in that it doesn’t fuss around with gory images of the apocalypse at it’s peak, or even focus just on the survivors after it’s all over. Instead it focuses on the making sure that the people who perpetrated the whole thing are held responsible in a court of law. It has it’s problems, including somewhat stilted language, but the premise is so unique that it stands out in my mind even a few years after reading it.

I haven’t read the rest of this series, so I can’t speak for it all…but I can speak for this book. This was, is, an awesome book that I highly recommend for zombie fans!

5 Star Rated After the Cure Review

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Title: After the Cure | Author: Deirdre Gould (site) | Publisher: Self-Published | Publication Date: 2013-8-24 | Pages: 401 | ASIN: B00ERVTFCM | Genre: Horror | Language: English | Triggers: None | Source: Self-Purchased

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