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Press Release: Apocalypse Road



Movie cover for Apocalypse Road

They don’t come any better than Apocalypse Road”  Adam The Movie God


Fuel up on a powerful mix of The Road and Fury Road as Apocalypse Road chronicles the tense journey of two sisters separated during a post-apocalyptic depression. A sweat-inducing story about the instinct of human survival and unbreakable bonds, the film stars Katie Kohler (Subterranea), Ashlyn McEvers (22 Jump Street), Billy Blair (Machete, Machete Kills) and Nellie Sciutto (Shutter Island).

Following a post-apocalyptic event, two sisters are hunted down and separated by a gang of ruthless killers intent on creating their own twisted form of law and order.  The sisters must fight through this new, dangerous world to stay alive in the hopes of being reunited, and escaping to freedom.
Written and directed by Brett Bentman, Apocalypse Road premieres on VOD 12/5/17 from Wild Eye Releasing.

Apocalypse Road received 3 nominations from the Austin Revolution Film Festival in 2016.

Apocalypse Road Trailer

My thoughts: I was one of those seemingly rare people that didn’t go gaga for the Mad Max movie when I finally got around to watching it. I’ve also never watched post-apocalyptic staples like The Road. Generally, the post-apocalyptic genre doesn’t really do it for me unless it involves heavy sci-fi or zombies. Zombies are always good.

However, I will say that Apocalypse Road’s trailer did look interesting because it seemed to be set fairly soon after an apocalyptic event. I got the impression that whatever happened, it wasn’t necessarily a world-ender in the way we typically think about them. So, this could be more near-future thriller than normal post-apocalyptic happenings, and that makes me a bit more inclined to watch it.

While i don’t recognize any of the cast, Katie Kohler did seem like she could do a solid job of pulling off a tough-as-nails character.

Just could be worth the watch!

What about you guys? Are you post-apocalyptic film nuts? Does Apocalypse Road tickle your fancy? 




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  1. Lilyn, you aren’t the only one who didn’t go gaga for the Mad Max movie 😉

    • I’m oddly happy to hear that!

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