Places to Hide During the Zombie Apocalypse

I was browsing youtube looking for funny cat videos technical videos on prepping, when I got distracted and ended up finding this gem. It cracks me up because they take it so seriously, but…why not? The zombie apocalypse will happen, people! Or at least some other very bad, feces meeting oscillating blades situation will. Do you know where to hide when it finally does?

Some of the suggestions are actually quite interesting and I definitely would have never thought of them, but after listening to them explain it, it seems so freaking obvious! Now, needless to say most of these aren’t easily accessible, but still! Its definitely a good way to waste a few minutes.

Which one surprised you?


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8 Responses to Places to Hide During the Zombie Apocalypse

  1. There’s a large assumption that power is still on in many of these. I think that would last maybe a week after the outbreak rolls.
    1. Those electronic banks locks – locked in when the power goes out.
    2. The air handling in a mine shaft – gone when the power goes out.
    3. Most light houses are not on islands, they’re on shore cliffs with land behind them. Although I agree about the 360 shooting gallery on top.
    4. Ship is good but hard to search affectively to ensure no one infected is on board and you have to hit land for more than food, need fuel to run that ship- power, water desal, toilets. Where are you getting that?
    5. Bridge sounds good but where are you getting the explosives to blow the ends in the first place and then how are you getting back and forth – especially with all that dirt so you can grow your own food.
    6. I actually can’t come up with a single complaint on the missile silo except food source.
    7. Ah yes, the concrete safe house, and when the power fails? Trapped.
    8. Farm is good but do you have any idea how long it would take to wall the average self sustaining farm? A long ass time. That leaves you wide open, all those green plains.
    9. Military base. I don’t they’d let you in and I’m pretty sure they’d be infected. You’d have to get a hold of a small bunker or building on base and again, they aren’t letting you in. Plus – go out for food.
    10. Castle, the old feudal style with the land already encapsulated, do not exist anymore. So now you have to go out for food.
    11. Jail- it’s going to be infected already. That’s a massive zombie food source making a lot of noise. And on the off chance the inmates have avoided getting infected, they’re all dying of dehydration. Or dead from it depending on when you go there. Thousands of dead bodies in a space with no temperature control and no air handling, because there will be no power.
    12. I would have to do more research on the oil platform but my immediate thought is probably not a lot of fish because the area has been so disturbed by the platform.
    13. Island: feasible if you can build your own shelter, kill wild animals, and survive a hurricane or two.

    My plan, wait out the first several waves at home, I’m equipped for it. Then head through mostly woods and a few small town to the water. Steal a SMALL, wind powered boat and make for the water, heading south to warmer areas.

  2. Ed Hoornaert says:

    My plan is simple. Just turn off the stupid TV and return to reality. (Yes, I know I’m being a spoilsport) 😉

    • Ah, but even if it’s not the zombie apocalypse, the shite can hit the fan in other ways. Being prepared for the basics in one makes you prepared in other ways. Like having a weeks worth of food stored in the basement, gallons of water, water purification tablets, mylar blankets, etc.

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