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Anders M. Svenning’s, Nonpareil, skews the bounds of enigma and reality. Venturing into doors not meant to be opened, this collection of stories descends the reader into a host of madness and temporal fear. The author removes the reader from their ideal sense of well being and replaces that sense with preponderant wonder. Nonpareil is Anders M. Svenning’s debut full length collection.

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Nonpareil Review

Nonpareil is the debut short story collection from Anders M. Svenning. It contains five stories altogether ranging from horror to light, philosophical mysticism. As usual I’ll go story by story and give you my summation at the end.

Creighton – 4 Stars
The collection started out strong with this story. It’s a story of loss and trying to bring back the past. A man isolates himself in one wing of his home, trying to isolate himself from the pain of his losses but tries to bury them by bringing them to life. I liked it. The story was interesting and the emotions felt very realistic.

A Philosopher’s Lexis – 2
I really liked the idea of it. That the story and the writing of the narrator are ‘cursed’. It was a very interesting idea but there were some flaws to it’s execution. It could have benefited from being a bit longer, though. With it being so short some things seem rushed to the point it’s a little unrealistic. Like being admitted to a mental hospital after drawing a single picture.

Charlie – 1
A bit long and rambling. It was a bit interesting in the begining and then took a nosedive into straight up unbelievable.

Malorana – 2 1/2
It started out nicely but again, the tendency to ramble got in the way of the story. The setting of the scenes in the jungle were very nicely done and the description of Becca’s journey were great. Ultimately it just kind of ends. I don’t really get the point to the story except as an excuse to philosophize.

The Split – 2
Really this one seemed like an addition to the Malorana story. More philosophy couched in a near-death experience where the narrator is trapped in The Split. The philosophy in this one is more about life after death and the divide between science and mysticism.

Altogether the writing, while good at it’s essence really needs a proofreader. There were a lot of misused words, weird dashes (for example: hap-pening) and odd sentence structures.

2 out of 5


Title:Nonpareil | Author: Anders M. Svenning | Pub. Date: 01/17/2017 | Pages: 94 | ISBN: 1541053338 | Genre: Horror | Language: English | Triggers: None | Rating: 2 out of 5 | Source: Received a free copy from the author for review consideration

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  1. Gotta admit it, that title would have got me to buy this one. Thanks for sharing your review. I’ll probably pass on this one.

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