Monthly Wrap Up: August 2016 Books, Movies, and Other Things

Books I’ve Read


Land of the Hoosier Dawn


Children to the Slaughter


Monstrum and Magonia are my two favorites of the month, albeit for completely different reasons. Monstrum is just fun. Like, bad sci-fi/horror movie level awesomeness, with a monster that’s just outright cool. Magonia is serious, heartbreaking, hopeful, and wonderful. Land of the Hoosier Dawn was interesting for its own reasons. Children of the Slaughter was a good paranormal thriller audio book.


Sage Courage

The Fireman

Ravens Peak

Wonder was an interesting read. I don’t regret reading it with the 7 year old, but I wouldn’t have voluntarily sought it out. Sage Courage I read to make sure I could do up an accurate ad for the site. The Fireman was a lot better than I’d expected it to be. It is by far my favorite read from Joe Hill. I’m quite shocked it was as good as it was. Raven’s Peak didn’t quite live up to my expectations, but it wasn’t bad.

The Deep End The Watcher The Other Side City of Ember

The Deep End was a surprisingly well written YA Paranormal Thriller. Very engaging. The Watcher was odd, thought provoking and definitely soft sci-fi. The Other Side…could have been a lot better than it was. City of Ember was an amazing children’s book. It was a tight, tense read right from the beginning. One that kids and adults can truly enjoy.

Transcendental Below the Ice Mirror Image Medicine For the Dead

Transcendental was an awesome read. I absolutely loved the variety of aliens that Gunn gives us in it, and the possibilities he lays out. Below the Ice was.. er… well, if you’ve watched The Thing, you’ve read Below the Ice. Mirror Image was dark and twisted and a good entry into the mirror horror trope. Medicine for the Dead had one of the most interesting PI characters ever.

Bloodwalker The Lathe of Heaven 1 Emerge Rise of the Chosen

Bloodwalker was a very well-written horror/whoddunit that gave us almost voyeuristic looks into insular communities. The Lathe of Heaven was a flat out amazing read that everyone needs to experience. Like now. Emerge was a pretty well written YA dysto-fic, same with Rise of the Chosen.

Guns Gods and Robots The Spell Thief Moving In Chiral Mad 3

Guns, Gods & Robots is one of the few collections of short stories that is actually going to stay on my shelf. I really enjoyed them. Little Legends was a great, fun kids book that gave us an interesting take on well-known characters. Moving In was creepy and good, but nothing exceptional. I have mixed feelings over Chiral Mad 3, because psychological horror really isn’t my thing, but it was a good book that I don’t regret reading.

And Darkness Waits Cthulhu Darkness

Books that I’m Currently Reading

The 13th Continuum | Ninth City Burning | The Nature of Balance | Fringe Runner | Leviathan Wakes | The Automation | The Collected Stories of Arthur C. Clarke

The 13th Contiuum Ninth City Burning The Nature of Balance Fringe Runner

Leviathan Wakes The Collected Stories of Arthur C. Clarke The Automation

Books (and movies) I reviewed in August 2016 – Title links take you to the reviews.

Movies: Stung | Collision Earth | Ghostbusters (2016) | The Boy

Adult Books: As the Blade Cuts | Medicine for the Dead | Emerge | The Lathe of Heaven | Guns, Gods & Robots | The King of Plagues | Chiral Mad 3 | Nomad | The White Night | Storm Front | And Darkness Waits | The Dragon Factory | Escapee | By Summer’s Last Twilight | Ash

Kids Books: Wonder | The Other Side | The Stem Club Goes Exploring | DK findout! Animals | The Spell Thief |

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  1. What a wonderful reading month you’ve had. Too bad about Below the Ice. I’ve seen both The Thing and the remake so I have no desire to read it again. Too bad though because I love tentacles and that cover is great. I want to read Mirror, Bloodwalker and Medicine for the Dead.

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  • I love Audible. Tons of books, fantastic narrators, good prices.