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May the Devil Take You #MovieReview

Hoping to find answers to her estranged father’s mysterious illness, a young woman visits his old villa and uncovers a horrifying truth from the past.

Release Date: 2018 | MPAA Rating: R | Runtime: 1 hr 50 mins | Directed by: Timo Tjahjanto | Starring: Chelsea Islan, Pevita Pearce, Ray Sahetapy, Karina Suwandhi

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May the Devil Take You Review

As many others did, I cringed a little at the announcement of a US remake of the South Korean movie Train to Busan. It’s such a great movie and pretty easy one for those hesitant about movies with subtitles to follow. But my response boomeranged when it was announced that Indonesian director, Timo Tjahjanto, was going to be at the helm. If there is anyone who can do a remake of Train to Busan justice, it’s Timo. His action bonifides were set in stone with The Night Comes For Us, the most brutal, bleakest, darkest, best action movie since The Raid but more importantly for this review, he’s absolutely a horror guy.

In May the Devil Take You, Timo is wearing his influences proudly on his sleeve. The result is basically Indonesian Evil Dead. Is that as rad as it sounds? Yes!

The family dynamics on display are great and there are some really good performances here. What I appreciate the most is that it isn’t afraid to go to full dark places, all while retaining it’s heart and emotional center. The final hour or so is just full bore, relentless action.

Indonesia has produced a small crop of really good horror movies, some great action movies, and some directors worth your time over the last few years. In addition to Timo, Joko Anwar is another director you’ll want to familiarize yourself with if you haven’t already. Check out: The Queen of Black Magic (1980), Impetigore, the new Queen of Black Magic, Gundala, The Raid movies, The Night Comes for Us, and Satan’s Slaves.

positive/highly recommended

Sandra Ruttan sez:

May the Devil Take You is a movie that has multiple twists and turns. The prologue sets up the rest of the story in a compelling fashion, and the story knows how to hold some things back to add power to the revelations. The viewers piece things together as the story progresses, and it’s anything but predictable. It’s the kind of movie where you want to be selfish with your affections for characters, because there’s an ominous sense of dread that builds throughout, and you just know not all of the likeable characters can possibly make it to the end. Although there were familiar horror tropes woven throughout, the plot felt relentless and the developments kept the story fresh. The actors were impressive. Each embodied their character and evoked strong emotional responses. I wasn’t indifferent towards any of the primary characters.

All in all, very well done. I’d give this movie a 4.5/5.

(Tracy liked it too)

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