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Malorie by Josh Malerman #BookReview

By Janelle (@shereadswithcats)

In the thrilling sequel to Bird Box, the inspiration for the record-breaking Netflix film that starred Sandra Bullock and “absolutely riveted” Stephen King, New York Times bestselling author Josh Malerman brings unseen horrors to life.

The film adaptation of Malerman’s first novel, Bird Box, was watched by over forty-five million Netflix accounts in the first week. Countless more came to know the story through social media. The image of Sandra Bullock’s character, Malorie, blindfolded—as she’s led through a terrifying near-future apocalypse by the trained ears of her children—has become synonymous with a new generation of horror.

Now from the mind of a true master of suspense comes the next chapter in the riveting tale. This time, Malorie is front and center, and she will confront the dangers of her world head-on.

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Title: Malorie  | Author: Josh Malerman | Publisher: Del Ray | Pub. Date: 21 July 2020 Pages: 320 | ISBN: 9780593156858 | Genre: Horror | Language: English |  Source: Received a copy from publisher for review consideration | Starred Review

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Malorie Review

This post is from Janelle and we are excited to host this guest review. you can find Janelle on Twitter (@shereadswthcats) and Instagram (@shereadswithcats). She is a prolific reader and reviewer and we hope you enjoy her thoughts on this upcoming release.

Bird Box was my first foray into the world of Josh Malerman, and it remains one of my favorite books, until now. Well, let me say, I love Malorie even more. Maybe it’s because there is more to the story? Or perhaps it’s because Josh has elevated his genius to an even higher level? Either way, you need this book. But first, make sure you have read Bird Box.

Malorie is a post-apocalyptic story where laying eyes on mysterious, unidentifiable creatures cause madness and does so in the worst ways you can imagine. In Malorie, we are in the new normal, co-existing with these creatures in daily life, hiding and shielding our eyes. Malorie and her now teenage children, Tom and Olympia, are in self-isolation to stay safe. However, things take a turn when a stranger shows up on their doorstep, which leads to life-changing, crucial information. 

This is a suspenseful, psychological thriller with hints of horror, which exceeded every expectation. And my expectations were already beyond the sky. I was completely invested in Malorie and her children and the perilous journey they took me on. To Malorie’s dismay, Tom wants to open doors and experience life, while Olympia is caught somewhere in the middle. It was an interesting contrast to see how the younger generation thinks compared to Malorie’s strict rules and protective measures. And rightly so, as the fear in this story is real! Reading Tom and Olympia as teenagers added so much depth, and I was fascinated to see how they innovate and adapt to a homicidally charged world. What is more frightening than something you cannot see or even understand?

Josh is one of my favorite authors for a reason, and Malorie secures his status. Nothing gets my black heart going more than a terrifying premise written with tremendous heart. Josh is an intelligent, talented writer, and this book emotionally broke me in the best possible way. It’s a quintessentially perfect sequel to an unsettling story that will leave you breathless.

  You can find this book at many retailers via clicking on the appropriate link on Goodreads; however, in the spirit of supporting literacy programs, we would like to point out that you may be able to purchase this book through BetterWorldBooks

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