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Top 15 Songs from R’lyeh

When people hear Lovecraft they automatically think of books and movies. Not too many people think of music when they think of Lovecraft. There are many songs out there that not only are Lovecraftian in tone but also directly related to his works. The songs are mostly in the rock/metal genre with an occasional dip into the prog rock pool. Where possible I provided a link to a video for the song. I am not affiliated with any of the Youtubers linked to, I went with the best video available. I will also provide lyrics where available.

I also have to thank The Strange Sound of Cthulhu: Music Inspired by the Writings of H.P. Lovecraft by Gary Hill for a couple of them. The rest I searched out on my own.

1. Call of Dagon – Therion

From the lonely stars beyond the verge of universe
A sound is echoing, call from another world
Lights from Sirius will take you from oblivion
(Dagon is here again)

(Call of Dagon)
The deep one is calling you
(Call of Dagon)
Hear the night sky sing

2. Ancient Slumber – Necrophagia
Technically this was inspired by the movie Evil Dead but since Evil Dead was in part inspired by Lovecraft then I think it fits.

Five closed minds
Provoking a force
Necronomicon, book bound in flesh
Source of all that is evil

Ancient slumber, now disturbed
A welcomed rude awakening
We come forth upon your summoning

3. The Wood – Halloween

The video says ‘The World’ but I assure you that the actual title is ‘The Wood’. The lyrics are from me listening to it and writing them down so I hope they’re accurate. If anyone knows where I can find the lyrics I’ll be happy to update them if they’re wrong.

4. Yule Horror – Halloween

5. Outsider – Halloween

I couldn’t find a video at all for this one and again, the lyrics are by me. So, if anyone knows where to get them I’ll be more than happy to update it and credit you for the help.

6. Behind the Wall of Sleep – Akira Yamaoka


I’m honestly not sure if it is meant to be connected but I’m going to presume it is. Lovecraft has a story called ‘Beyond the Wall of Sleep‘ and the Silent Hill series was heavily inspired by Lovecraft.

8. Wasp/Behind the Wall of Sleep/Bassically/N.I.B. (Nativity in Black) – Black Sabbath

I’m principally concerned with the middle section of the medley, Behind the Wall of Sleep. Another mention of ‘Beyond the Wall of Sleep’ and coming from Black Sabbath I can easily believe they were influenced at least by the name.

9. The Sun Has Turned To Black – Electric Wizard

No turning back
They hide amongst the stars and wait

The earth torn from its path by meteoric pass
Showered by debris
Everlasting night, return to pagan rites
The old ones rule supreme

10. The Thing That Should Not BeMetallica

I don’t think this one needs much explanation regarding how the lyrics apply because it’s pretty obvious. I just want to say that of the three songs on this list by Metallica, this is my favorite. The link in the song’s title takes you to their original song from the album ‘Master of Puppets’ and the link in their name takes you to the version from their S & M album because it’s a pretty cool version as well.

Not dead which eternal lie
Stranger eons death may die

Drain you of your sanity
Face the thing that should not be

Fearless wretch
He watches
Lurking beneath the sea
Great old one
Forbidden site
He searches
Hunter of the shadows is rising
In madness you dwell

11. Monster at the End – Anthrax

Ok, this one requires a little explanation for being on the list. There are no specific mentions of Lovecraft in the song but the video, in one frame, says “Beyond the Wall of Sleep”. They also have other songs based upon books so I can well believe Lovecraft may have been an influence on them.

Signed by Anthrax during the ‘For All Kings’ tour

Down and under where the damned are riding
Down and under where you pay
Your golden halo is burned and melted
Crown the monster at the end

The wall of sleep is crumbling
And your conscience is left fumbling
A massive sleeping serpent
Uncoiled and awake

12. Scaretale – Nightwish

Once again, not specific but it has the feel and the inclusion of ‘hordes of spiders, claws and tentacles’ merits it’s inclusion here. I know, the actual written lyrics say ‘closet tentacles’ but it doesn’t sound like that to me. I’ve been trying to get in touch with at least a representative to see what the actual lyrics are.

Lord of spiders, claws and tentacles
Laughing harpies with their tallons ripping, sher-chrisss, per-vizz

The pendulum still sways for you
Such are the darks here to show you, child in a corner
Fallen mirrors, all kingdom in cinders

13. The Call of Ktulu Metallica


I’m not sure why the different spelling. I’m assuming to avoid copyright issues since we all know what a stickler for copyright Metallica is.

14. Dream No More – Metallica

I was very excited to see they had a new Cthulhu song to add to their ever-growing list. I loved the lyrics and the music is great. Unfortunately, I’m not crazy about Hetfield’s voice in it, it sounds weird to me.

You turn to stone
Can’t look away
You turn to stone
Madness, they say
Cthulhu awaken

He sways in abyss returning
Inhaling black skies
He shakes with a torture burning
All lost in his eyes

The Elder Race – Dream Death

Look through the mystic door
At the hidden depths which all men share
Long and hard was the war
When man usurped the Earth
Last to fall the serpent men
Driven into the waste and left to die
They returned as priests
Of their evil cult in human guise

And there you have it. A list of fifteen  Lovecraftian songs for your listening pleasure. If I’ve missed any please let me know. As I’m sure you’ve figured out by now, I love music and always, always am looking for new songs.

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