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Focus on the Frightful: LootFright Review #LootCrate

In December I did an unboxing of LootCrate’s LootFright box. I was really pleased with it and continued the subscription. I really loved the first shirt that I received (you can see the unboxing here) but the February shirt was kind of generic looking.

To explain. LootFright is a BiMonthly box which is supposed to be received in the first two weeks of even months. So, theoretically, I would receive a box in February, April, June, and August. I received the February box fine. Then I received the April box at the beginning of June. The June box has been delayed several times. First, it’s shipping date was pushed to June 21-24. Then it was pushed to June 21-30. Now, it’s date is scheduled for August 1-10. So who knows when it will get here. They offered a ten dollar coupon for their Loot Vault store. Generous, no? Who knows when I’ll get my August box. I guess that’s a moot point, though, as I don’t intend on renewing with them.

I opted to go with their box as LootCrate is a pretty big and well known company. After hearing some horror stories of other boxes I thought it would be better to go with a more well-known company. I also got my son the LootGaming box and that seems to be having issues as well, though not quite at the same level that the LootFright box is.

The items were pretty good. at least, which kind of makes me more angry because if it weren’t for the shipping issues. I’m not to crazy about the shirts, though. The ‘Bram Stoker’s Dracula’ shirt was a generic looking Dracula shirt with “Love Sucks” written on it. I would bet you could find a similar looking shirt at WalMart around Halloween. The Fly one wasn’t too bad but unlikely I’ll wear it out of the house.

What really irritates me, however, is the fact that if you go on their page everything looks to be shipping on time since the newest box (August’s Slaycation box) is registered as shipping on time. It might. But doubt it. Prices were also raised this year in May. It doesn’t seem worth the rate increase. I have a theory on why the LootFright box has been severely delayed (this is just a theory so don’t take it as fact but it seems entirely plausible) on why the boxes are so late. They are introducing several new boxes and I think that they’re screwing over their less popular boxes to get them out on time. One of the new boxes is sci-fi and there is a lot of cross-over between horror and sci-fi (for example, the April box that I received in June had a Twilight Zone item and a shirt from The Fly) so I think they’re “restructuring” (i.e. yoinking items from the Lootfright boxes to fill their sci-fi box and scrambling to replace the items they yoinked). Again, this is just my theory, don’t take it as hard fact.

If you look up #LootCrate on Twitter you’ll see that I’m not the only one with complaints on their boxes. So, I’ll be cancelling my subscription and looking around at some other boxes. At this point, if you’re looking for a horror-themed box I would not go with LootCrate’s LootFright for the time being until they get their shipping ‘issues’ cleared up.

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