Knight of a Trillion Stars Review (Fantasy Romance)

This isn’t so much a review as it is just me gushing about one of my favorite books from an awesome, quirky author. You have been warned.

Prepare yourselves. Deanna Smith had a really bad day, so it was only natural she’d go home to find an alien in her living room. A breathtakingly gorgeous alien. Lorgin claims he must be her guardian, so he can’t leave her side. Naturally. So what’s the first thing her guardian alien does? Kills her microwave, which she hadn’t finished making payments on yet. From there, things just get weirder as she’s forced on an epic quest with cheeky aliens and a man who is determined to have things his way. Oh, and a dirty-minded Merlin. Just saying. ‘Cause, you can’t NOT read a book with a dirty-minded Merlin, can you?


Knight of a Trillion Stars Review

Knight of a Trillion Stars was first published in 1997. I think I came across it 2002-2003. Since then I have owned no less than 4 copies of this book, because every time I lend it out, people end up keeping it!5 Star Rated Review of Knight of a Trillion Stars

Dara Joy has a gift for creating this light and fluffy blend of fantasy and romance that immediately engages the reader, and creates a vivid impression upon their mind. She doesn’t make any attempt to take herself seriously, and as such, the characters she creates are extremely unique individuals that enchant you. From the Fabio rip-off Lorgin to the Alley Cat Rejar to the Dirty-Minded Merlin Wanna-Be, the personalities and love shared between them all shine brightly.

Its also cheesy. Extremely cheesy. You pretty much are given no choice but to lose yourself in this silly tale of romance that reaches across dimensions.

Do NOT read this book if you’re expecting some serious, realistic, tale of high drama. Read this book if you want to laugh, smile, and get revved up by some fun intimate scenes. There’s thing with the waterfall…..

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Title: Knight of a Trillion Stars | Series: Matrix of Destiny | Author: Dara Joy | Publisher: Love Spell | Publication Date: 1997-9-1 | Pages: 378 | ISBN13: 9780505522658 | Genre(s): Romance & Fantasy |  Language: English | Triggers: None | Rating: 5 out of 5 | Date Read: Which time? | Source: My 4th store bought copy.

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