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The Kali Krew Presents: Unnatural Nature

Nature can be beautiful. Or it can be terrifying. Sometimes in the span of a few seconds. When you’re walking in the woods and suddenly realize that things don’t look…right. Or you’re enjoying a beautiful summer day and suddenly the sky turns dark ad the wind starts to blow and suddenly you’re getting pelted with hail the size of golf-balls.

Below is the Kali Krew’s list of nature acting unnaturally. Plants, weather, unnatural disasters, they’re all here.

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Bloom by Kenneth Oppel

Chosen by Lilyn

“Alien spores start growing as black grass and then people start dying” – Lilyn

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Book of Koli by MR Carey

Chosen by Tracy

Chills (Kathy Ryan #1) by Mary SanGiovanni

Chosen by Eliza

“The snow takes over and is used to isolate the targets and kill them” – Eliza

Check out Lilyn’s review of Chills!

The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verril from Creepshow

Chosen by Olly

“Stephen King gets turned into a plant what more do you need?” – Olly

Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham

Chosen by Olly

“The classic killer plant story” – Olly

Deathworld by Harry Harrison

Book cover for Deathworld
Chosen by Lilyn

“Sci-fi where everything on the planet wants to kill you. Even the grass.” – Lilyn

Check out Lilyn’s review of Deathworld!

Eden by Tim Lebbon

“It’s now out in the US and I’ll be reviewing it Thursday!” – Tracy

The Fungus by Harry Adam Knight

Book cover for The Fungus by Harry Adam Knight
Chosen by Lilyn

“Fungi fun!” – Lilyn

The Girl With All the Gifts by M.R. Carey

Chosen by Lilyn

Growing Things and other Stories by Paul Tremblay

Check out Sam’s review of Growing Things and other Stories

Infernal by Cheryl Low

Infernal book cover
Chosen by Sam

Giant sharks, animals that shouldn’t be murdery are, and natural as a whole will fuck you up” – Sam

Check out Sam’s review of Infernal!

The Ruins by Scott B. Smith

Chosen by Olly

Triple Shot of Unnatural Nature by Tonia Brown

Chosen by Gracie

Unnatural Disasters edited by Daniel Pyle

Chosen by Gracie

The Happening (movie)

Chosen by Shawn

“Marky Mark pleading for his life with a plastic plant is top tier cinema” – Shawn

Little Shop of Horrors (movie)

Chosen by Olly

“I’m a mean, green mother from outer space”

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Let s know your favorite killer nature tale or movie!

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  1. Lol at Shawn’s comment about the Happening.
    I remember when that movie came out. I went to the theater to see it and was so pissed. I was hoping for something way more sinister and creepy and everything because of the buildup.

  2. I like the 1960, low-budget version of ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ far more than the 1986 big-budget musical version.

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