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Kali Krew Presents: This Job is Hell

Even if you absolutely love your current job to death there are those days. The days that make work-life hell. The days that seem to never end, when you’re dealing with frustration after frustration. Those are the days that make work suck like nothing has ever sucked before.

So this week the Kali Krew is bringing you a list of people who’s jobs were literally hell or made someone want to take that job and shove it. From office horror to jobs that are a little more unique, these jobs can be hell.

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American Psycho

Chosen by Lilyn

The Belko Experiment

Chosen by Lilyn

Check out Lilyn’s review of The Belko Experiment

The Cabin in the Woods

Chosen by Bill

Chopping Mall

Chosen by Olly


Chosen by Brian

Friday the 13th

Chosen by Olly


Chosen by Olly

The Lighthouse

Chosen by Sam

Check out V.’s review of The Lighthouse


Chosen by Tracy

StageFright (Deliria)

Chosen by Olly

The Thing

Chosen by Olly

Check out GracieKat’s Focus on the Frightful: The Thing vs. The Thing


Beyond the Gate by Mary San Giovanni

Chosen by Eliza

Chills by Mary SanGiovanni

Chosen by Eliza

Horrors! 365 Scary Stories edited by Stefan R. Dziemianowicz

Memory by Mollie L. Burleson

Check out my mini-review of Memory in Horrors 365

Horrorstor by Grady Hendrix

Chosen by Shawn

Book cover for Horrorstor

Check out Lilyn’s review of Horrorstor

Impossible James by Danger Slater

Chosen by Tracy

Check out Tracy’s review of Impossible James

Inside the Asylum by Mary SanGiovanni

Chosen by Eliza

Check out Lilyn’s review of Inside the Asylum

My Work is Not Yet Done: Three Tales of Corporate Horror by Thomas Ligotti

Chosen by Bill

The Store by Bentley Little

Chosen by Shawn

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Thanks for reading! Let us know your tales of corporate and workplace horror down below!

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