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The Kali Krew Presents: The Sub-Genres We Love

One of the things we love the most about the science fiction and horror genres is that they’re so far reaching. The sub-genres to each are so numerous that you can find something you’ll like. In the mood for planet-wide alien destruction? Got it. In the mood for a nuanced look at technology and humanity? Sci-Fi has you covered.

On the horror side do you like demons crawling from the netherrealm to feast on innards and other various savories? You’re in luck! If you’re looking for an in-depth psychological look at the human psyche then just take your pick.

Below are the Kali Krew’s favourite sub-genres in horror and sci-fi along with a couple of books that we feel represent that category the best, to us.

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Sci-Fi Horror

Event Horizon

Movie cover for Event Horizon

“Sci-Fi Horror is under-utilized and often quite amazing when people can hit that perfect note, like they did with Event Horizon.” – Lilyn

Possession Horror

The Possession of Michael King

“Possession horror is done, done, done, but I love it. It’s kind of body horror in its way since the person being possessed loses control of their body, and I think that’s what attracts me to it.” – Lilyn

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Psychological Horror

Jacob’s Ladder

“There’s something deeply unsettling about not being able to trust yourself or reality. Jacob’s Ladder highlights this in such a disturbing way. Another perfect illustration of the genre is Silent Hill 2. – Gracie

Folkloric/Urban Legend Horror

Fatal Frame/Project Zero

Folklore and urban legends speak to some of our deepest fears and Fatal Frame combines these two facets perfectly” – Gracie

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The Book of the Unnamed Midwife by Meg Ellison

Book cover for the Book of the Unnamed Midwife

“I’m not sure why I love it so much, but this genre just speaks to me. Even in the midst of everything happening now. Zombies, viruses, nuclear issues, and more, I just love it.” – Tracy

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Retro Horror

Cirque Berserk by Jessica Guess

“I don’t know if this is a thing, but it should be. Horror that evokes those things we love in 70s and 80s horror films. Unnerving Press’s REWIND OR DIE series is nailing this. I recommend Cirque Beserk by Jessica Guess and Benny Rose: the Cannibal King by Hailey Piper” – Tracy

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Body Horror


“best represented by pretty much anything by David Cronenberg, but especially Videodrome. Body horror really gets to the heart of horror, it’s about our uncomfortableness in our own selves and the lack of control we have on our lives.” – Olly

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Gothic Horror

Crimson Peak

“I love gothic horror. The slow burn, the atmosphere that’s almost a character in its own right. It also feels like a subgenre that lends itself well to borrowing elements from other genres of fiction and blurring those genre lines, which I enjoy. The Silent Companions is an excellent recent gothic horror novel, and I loved the movie Crimson Peak.” – Sam

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Horror Comedy

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

Movie cover for Tucker & Dale vs Evil

“Adding to Cory‘s comedy horror: Tucker and Dale Versus Evil which is seriously gross and flat-out hilarious at the same.” – JB Rockwell

Space Western


“I also love me a good space western (Think Firefly or Prospect). Anything where there’s spaceships and tech but also some dusty, gritty, saloons, and spittoons planets.” – JB Rockwell

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Horror Comedy

Army of Darkness

“It’s so good when a director knows how to hit both genres and get you laughing but also turn around and scare you.” – Cory

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Action Horror

Train to Busan

“Maybe it’s the 80s kid in me but lately I’ve really been clamoring for more action horror, stories that combine action and horror elements. The Purge movies, Train to Busan, Blade all come to mind. Sometimes you just want a story to kick into gear early on and not let up until the end.” – Brian

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Time Travel

The Anubis Gates by Tim Powers

“Does not dwell too much on the mechanisms involved but gets right into a damn good story” – Bill

Zombies and Super Heroes

Ex-Heroes by Peter Clines

“Rompy pulp goodness at its best” – Bill

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There are so many more sub-genres and sub-sub-genres that we can’t wait to see what your favourites are!

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  1. ZOMBIES!! Are my favorite. I like all these too except possession horror because it always scares the shit outta me.

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